Hever Castle

Friday 28 October 2011

Want to know what you do when you are bored on a Sunday afternoon in England? You pack a picnic basket, hop in the car and visit a castle. You are guaranteed never to run out of options because there are literally dozens of them dotted amongst the countryside or even amongst the cities. My favourite thing to do when visiting them is to take a minute to shut everything out and imagine how many people passed over this bridge or brushed against this wall or stared at that painting… it just never gets boring for me. A few weeks ago we took a little road trip to Hever Castle, the childhood home of Ann Boleyn. The highlights of the castle include 2 mazes (one is a water maze which is sooo much fun), a beautiful rose garden and orchard, archery lessons, a moat and an absolutely terrifying room filled with ancient instruments of torture.

Have a lovely weekend all!

P.S – I didn’t realise that we weren’t meant to take pictures inside so I managed to nab one of the more modern living rooms (check out the beautiful ceiling).

IMG_4712All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. of course you just pick up and visit a castle in your downtime. love it. and that ceiling is amazing!

  2. One of my favourite pasttimes :-) And Hever is gorgeous-I went there when I was much younger and got to dress up like a medieval princess! Haha! You should visit Leeds Castle (NOT in Leeds funnily enough!) It's beautiful!


  3. If I lived near castles that would surely be my favorite pastime! A picnic and trip to a castle sounds amazing! I would love to visit Hever Castle, the water maze sounds really fun!

  4. I am so excited to go and visit more castles when I get to England at the end of the year but I am sure that they are much prettier in spring/summer.


  5. I always love castles and Tudor style homes and in this post, I get to see both! How fabulous! Thanks for sharing a beautiful castle with us!

    Have a fantastic weekend, Meghan!


  6. I miss trips like that - we used to do a ton of them, packed like sardines (6 of us) in the car. Beautiful pics - one feels transported back in time.

  7. Imagine that was your childhood home? CRAZEE!

  8. that is an amazing afternoon out and definitely something my husband and i would do if we were living in a city with such history!

  9. I lived in London for five years & did I lot of castle hopping in that time. When you come from Australia - it's a real treat to be able to do that sort of stuff on the weekend!

  10. that is what I'd call an awesome Sunday afternoon! Thanks for sharing these ... glad to caught that photo of the living room ;-)

  11. Such a gorgeous property...love all the details. :)

  12. Omygoodnesssss!

    This place is ah-mazingly beautiful. You took great pictures too.

    Don't you just love taking trips like this? Especially with the loved one(s) of course!

    Oh, btw, you've got an award waiting for you here, Meghan:


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