12 Apostles

Friday 25 February 2011

I couldn't just post about scarecrow hair today, so have a look at the 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town instead! This hotel truly has the best of both worlds, perched on the mountain incline it looks as though you are on the edge of the world! Located in Camps Bay (which just happens to be my all time favourite suburb of Cape Town) where you are minutes away from nature trails or the restaurants, shops and bars in the city. I love the contrast between the dark and brightly coloured common areas of the hotel compared to the plush neautral look of the bedrooms. It seems that every room in this hotel has been designed to maximise that amazing view!

Cape Town






Terrace 2


IMAGE CREDITS: 12 Apostles

Scarecrow Hair


This is a little off-topic compared to my usual blog posts but my hair looks like a damn scarecrow! I got a really bad haircut a few weeks ago and it’s driving me nuts! My hair sticks up in all the wrong places and no amount of product and styling will fix it. I tried doing this beautiful hairstyle I found on  A Cup of Jo (get instructions here) to try and make it look better but I am totally hopeless! I just ended up looking like a scarecrow with a messy ponytail. Oh well. I have not given up on it, maybe when my hair grows out it will work!



Cupcake eye candy

Thursday 24 February 2011

I woke up to a bright and sunny day in London! Hooray! I can't believe what a difference it has made to my mood. I thought I would spread the cheer by posting some pictures of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever seen. There is just something about cupcakes that cheer me up, I guess it’s the concept of anything in miniature being cute? These beauties are baked by Primrose Hill bakery Lola's Kitchen, the ladies who founded the company started out by baking in their own kitchen - they are now world famous! Read a little bit about their start-up story in the 'press' section of their website, it is so inspiring. These cupcakes are now on my list on things to try - oh, and they deliver!!

Joined Cupcakes 2

Joined Cupcakes


Joined Cupcakes 3

Joined Cupcakes 4
IMAGE CREDITS: Lola's Kitchen

A bit of exotic inspiration

Wednesday 23 February 2011

I have been counting down the seconds until my holiday in March - I am restless and cranky and I know it's because my feet are itching to discover a new part of the world.  So today I thought I would bring a little bit of exotic inspiration to my blog with these Moroccan and Indian interiors. I am fascinated by the way different cultures decorate their homes and the moods these styles can evoke. I have my eye on some of those gorgeous Moroccan lanterns now...

Morroco Shoot Factory 2

Morroco - Shoot Factoy

Morroco Shoot Factory

Skona Hem Morrocan

Skona Hem Office


Morroco & India Shoot Factory
IMAGE CREDITS: Shoot Factory; Skona Hem

Fashion Week Faves

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Everyone seems to be blogging about fashion week, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post about my favourite. I’ve always been a fan of Victoria Beckham, even when she was labelled a chav/wag. You can’t deny the woman has style (although I have never been tempted to copy her hairstyles)! Her clothes are always on trend, fitted and flattering, and I am so glad she has carried this look through to her own line. Here’s my pick of my favourite pieces from her fall ready-to-wear line:

And then this happened:

Whhhhaaaaattttt the hell is that? This dress made me blink rapidly and double check that I was still on the right screen. I was. I don’t even know what to say about it so I will say nothing at all.

A room with a view

Monday 21 February 2011

Take a minute to imagine waking up feeling refreshed and energised, making your first cup of coffee and sitting down to write your first blog post… in front of that view!? Wow. 

Skona Hem View

A little bit of homesickness!

Friday 18 February 2011

*Sigh* I’m a little homesick today so I did what any normal person would do, I looked at pictures of home to make me even more homesick! (It kinda helped, but it kinda made it worse too!) On the plus side, it’s the WEEKEND!




IMAGE CREDITS: My Wishful Thinking

Ooh la la!

Thursday 17 February 2011

Here’s the thing about me, I hate hotels! I find them to be clinical and impersonal and I feel suffocated at the prospect of staying in one for more than a couple of days, given the choice, I will pick an apartment over a hotel any day. Saying that, I really love finding hotels that are innovative, comfortable and have oodles of character – kudos to the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona for being one such hotel! Barcelona is such a cosmopolitan, vibrant city and I think this hotel really reflects this character. I can picture myself being right at home here! Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is responsible for the interior design as well as some of the furniture design. I absolutely love the chairs throughout the hotel, particularly the unusual chairs in the Mimosa Garden! Also, how fabulous are those patterned wall hangings and the floor designs in the lobby and restaurants?

I read an article in the Independent about this hotel that really made me smile – particularly this line:

“Before setting out from the Mandarin Oriental for a day's sightseeing in Barcelona, I left the novel I was reading face down but open on the bed. When I came back, the book was closed with a bookmark at the appropriate page; and not just any bookmark, but one in the shape of a closed fan with a burgundy silk tassel dangling from it. In my book, hotels come no classier than those in which chambermaids are trained to mark your page with a burgundy tassel”.

Mandarin Oriental

Lobby Entrance


Bankers Boxes

Restaurant View into Kitchen


Terrace Suite

Terrace View

Penthouse View
Garden Chairs


Wednesday 16 February 2011

I first read about H&M opening a home department when I was on the train home, I got so excited that I nearly announced it to everyone on my train! I managed to restrain myself (only just) but I did catch the eye of a woman who was reading the same article as me and we both sort of nodded to each other with the unspoken word "finally" hanging between us. Below are some of my favourite items from their online store – and the best part about it? Nothing on here is more than £25! Gotta love a good bargain!

H&M Collage copy
1. Textile Baskets - £9.99;  2. Napkin Ring - £2.99;  3. Cushion Cover - £12.99;  4. Velvet Cushion Cover - £7.99;  5. Apron - £14.99;   6. Round Cushion Cover - £14.99;  7.  Throw - £24.99;  8. Frilled Cushion Cover - £14.99;  9. Leaves Cushion Cover - £7.99

The Artist

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Ta da! Introducing the beautiful work of David Wheeler! I came across this London artist whilst enjoying a meal at Avenue in St. James (delicious food BTW) - these massive paintings are dotted all along the walls in the restaurant. The colours and style are not really my thing (I usually prefer much brighter stronger colours in art work) but the more I stared at them, the more I loved them! I think David Wheeler has really managed to capture the mood of the city and the crowds. I also love the fact that these modern urban landscapes have been depicted in an old-fashioned whimsical Impressionist style. 

Across the City


Crowd St Pauls

Lift Study Modern Icons

St Martins in the Field

Statue of Liberty