Date Night (and a pic of London )

Friday 14 October 2011

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It’s Friday night date night and my guy and me will be chilling in front of a horror movie stuffing our faces with popcorn and milkshakes. Some might call this sad, I call this bliss! With some pride (and a little bit of terror) I realised that we are coming up for another anniversary soon which will mean we have now officially spent a third of our lives together. This is kinda a big deal for us! My best friend once joked that we were just meant to be together, but at this statement, I threw my head back and laughed a fully belly laugh. Unfortunately, there is no magic ingredient to making it work, it takes damn hard work, perseverance and compromise and you can bet that there will be days when you want to put your partner’s head through the television. I thought this excerpt in last week’s Grazia magazine summed it up really well:

A few rules you may wish to ponder:

  1. Never look up old flames on Facebook. It can only end in tears.
  2. Always earn your own money, so you never have to justify to anyone else but yourself that those £970 Isabel Marant boots are a genuinely smart investment.
  3. Go on regular ‘date nights’. They remind you of the days when you used to laugh about random stuff. And that you actually like each other.
  4. Stress is a fact of life, not a competitive sport.
  5. That moth-eaten Stone Roses t-shirt is a passion killer. Get rid.
  6. Ditto the boxer shorts his mom gave him for Christmas in 1992.
  7. A cleaner will save your marriage and quite possibly your life.
  8. So will a second TV.
  9. Try really hard to be nice to his mom.
  10. Finally, as Jilly Cooper quite rightly says, if you get through the tough bits, 50 years on you’ll be rewarded with the ‘loveliness’ and ‘companionship’ of two people who have fought to make it work.

It also helps when your boyfriend goes out of his way to take a picture of a strange but beautiful building for your blog… yip, he’s a keeper!

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  1. A movie with my hubby at home is my perfect friday night too! Great tips - I am only married 2 years but already agree!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. i don`t really believe in rules in relationships, but the ones above sound quite sensible. every relationship is unique. just like every person is unique.
    quality time together, love, understanding and a sense of humor can make mirakles : )

  3. wow, congrats girlie!!! Good advice...

  4. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! And thank you for sharing this relationship wisdom. I think I really needed to hear these rules. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love your list - a lot of good things to learn from there. Congrats on your anniversary!
    Much love,

  6. Happy anniversary! Love those pieces of advice...and a scary movie date night sounds adorable!

  7. Happy anniversary! Hope you have a lovely, intimate celebration :) And I completely agree on all those points...the fiancee and I have a second television and it has worked if only I could convince him that we need a cleaner (as it stands, I work for free ;)

  8. Great list! I love #10. We'll be spending our Friday night about the same way, too.

  9. What a sweet post! I myself am coming up on my fiancé and I's 11 year anniversary - and I agree, there is no magic ingredient! Sometimes it seems it just works with two people. :) Congrats to you!

  10. Happy anniversary! I liked this list--#10 was great!

  11. well, there is another solution: don't watch TV ;-) I'm on board with no 2!

    I read somewhere that SJP allows herself to hate her husband for 30 minutes or something per day. She doesn't always need those but this is what she allows herself sometimes. I allow myself to hate mine if I have to but I've never counted the minutes ;-)

  12. Happy anniversary. I don't think your Friday night is sad at all - it is quite the opposite. To be able to spend time with our loved one doing what we actually love? That's heavenly!

    P.S. #5 = LOL


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