Mother of a Storm

Sunday, 19 October 2014

That storm. I’ve been here long enough to have experienced a few ferocious Sydney storms but never before have I experienced one from the 4th floor of an apartment facing hurricane-like gusts straight off the ocean. I got home from work on Tuesday evening to watch the black clouds roll in, accompanied with booming thunder and steaks of lightning. The show was so impressive that we turned off all the lights and watched at the windows, completely transfixed as the sky lit up like daylight. Storms usually pass but by 11pm, this one showed no signs of slowing down as the wind whipped plant pots and rain against our windows. Just after midnight, we were forced to concede defeat and set up the spare room as the rain pushed it’s way through the sliding doors, soaking our carpets. Sleep finally came but the storm was still raging as we stumbled bleary eyed out of bed the next day to survey the damage and head to work. Luckily the storm seemed to have more bark than bite and apart from a few areas of flash flooding and fallen trees, we were relatively lucky. It made for some impressive photos though (taken by me, edited by my trusty sidekick). As a side note, I’m trying to get Jordan to start posting his photos. Any ideas on good platforms? Flickr?





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Weekend Uniform

Thursday, 16 October 2014

We have had the most unbelievably wild weather here in Sydney (I have some pictures to share). We spent last weekend soaking up the first taste of warm weather and getting our tan on but by Tuesday, the mother of all storms blew in - knocking down trees, flooding suburbs and even snowing some mountain towns in. Luckily it has now passed but it's left a decidedly chilly edge to the air that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Guess it's back to the jumpers and boots for my weekend uniform...

Oversized top
$110 -

Office leather ankle boots
$61 -

Witchery palette eyeshadow
$17 -

Porcelain coffee mug
$8.93 -

A Hankering for the Old Country

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I am happy to say that I have had very few moments of severe homesickness (for London that is, I still get homesick for my original African home). Sunny, warm days and living opposite the beach might have something to do with this. But every now and then, I find my mind straying to a snug, low ceilinged pub with a crackling fire, or a sleepy stone town in the Cotswolds, or our teeny tiny house in our little close and it’s there, a pang of homesickness to rival none other. I’m indulging that feeling today by posting about The Wild Rabbit – a beautiful traditional pub and hotel located on Oxfordshire, just a mere two hours outside of London. I’ll let the pictures do the talking but needless to say, it has me missing things.











Images via The Wild Rabbit

Tucked Away in the Mountains

Sunday, 12 October 2014

I finally managed to find a few spare moments to go through the rest of our photos from the Blue Mountains and I felt the beautiful cottage we stayed in warranted a blog post all on its own. Booked late at night, after a few glasses of wine (note to self: got to stop doing that), the exact reasons for why I chose it remained a bit ambiguous until we walked through the gate and were greeted by a sunny front garden covered with smatterings of the overnight snow – I immediately knew we made the perfect choice. Comfy beds, walls of beautiful artwork and a crackling fire made it feel like we were staying in a family home (albeit a very distinguished family member)! I went a bit nuts with the camera so you might want to get comfy…



Wishful Thinking


















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Succulents for the Big Day

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Even though our house will probably always be a work in progress, we are starting to work on the finishing flourishes. It’s amazing what a difference a few of your favourite pictures on the wall makes (even though I winced when Jordan started brandishing that famous dollar store hammer on our brand new white walls). New walls called for new pictures - even though our wedding album sits in full view, I seldom open it - it was great to have an excuse to spend the afternoon reliving that day. Our day was perfect but I do wish that I had a little bouquet. At the time, I deemed it overly fussy and unnecessary but it is definitely the missing piece in our photos. Maybe one day we’ll have it over and I can right this tiny little wrong but in the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through the beautiful brides I come across every day. I’m particularly fond of the bouquets of succulents that I have seen popping up all over the internet. How about you? Which flowers did you have/would you have in your wedding bouquet?


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Monday, 6 October 2014

I am happy to report that I skipped my usual Mondayitis as it’s a long weekend here in New South Wales. We took a mini road trip and headed down to our favourite spots on the South Coast (photos to come). Tucked away on the edge of the Illawarra escarpment, mobile phone reception was spotty at best. Just what I needed to wrench myself away from the many screens I sit in front of every day and dust away the cobwebs. Of course the second I walked through the door at home, I planted my bum on the sofa to catch up on Pinterest. I pinned the image below the second I saw it and loved the rustic beauty so much that I thought it warranted a little moodboard.

Kitchen styling

Wishful Thinking Kitchen

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Pom Pomming

Friday, 3 October 2014

The air was thick and muggy on Tuesday and at some point during the day, it hit 33 degrees. Although I was glad to see the sun (and feel the heat), I baked in my long trousers and sleeves. Sydney women, it seems, have shapely smooth legs accompanied by perma-tans, ready for an impromptu hot day. My legs however, will take at least the whole of October to be tanned (discreetly on my own balcony so as not to blind the innocent with their whiter than whiteness), waxed and toned and maybe by early November, they’ll be ready for public display. And while I toil away tirelessly on Operation Summer Legs, I am doing a fair bit of virtual window shopping -  scarves, beach shirts, handbags and shorts (all neatly trimmed with tiny rows of pom poms) are firmly on my summer wishlist. 

DIY summer pom pom throw |  Could recreate from scratch using bright colours of muslin layers and lace/any other trims? Perhaps for theme park evenings?

leather skinnies, off-the-shoulder tee, scarf with neon details, sneakers

Pom Pom Shorts  Pink Paisley with White Pom Pom by ljcdesignss, $29.00

How cute would it be to add pom pom trim to one of my blouses or dresses? It would be so easy!

Pineapple print pom pom trim shorts, ridiculous but great

Summer pompom floral blouse and denim cut-offs. Adorable. I'd need a longer version of the blouse though!

Shorts by Wonderland // Breezy Tee by Mint.

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Great summer outfit

lovely lightweight scarf