Monday, 15 September 2014

It’s moving week for me and it’s c.h.a.o.s. at home. Who knew we could accumulate so much stuff in less than a year? The day to day tasks such as cooking dinner (I have packed away most utensils) and eating breakfast (we have no table) have become somewhat challenging. If that wasn’t bad enough, we are also slowly eating our way through the weird and wonderful dated contents of the freezer and pantry. It’s fair to say blogging is bottom of the list at the moment. I’ll be back soon, hopefully blogging from my new balcony overlooking the ocean. Now if you will excuse me, I need to find a way to take the (alarmingly orange) fishfingers out of the oven without the aid of an oven glove (which I can’t find).

I feel I should point out that our car will probably not look like this on moving day.

I’m Ready

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

One by one, the layers have been coming off and this evening, as I sit and type this, the door is wide open letting in a balmy summerish breeze. I’m deliriously excited. I can’t even tell you how DONE I am with winter… and it hasn’t even been that bad. I guess it’s because I know how good summer is here. Hot days and warm nights, catching a tan in my lunch break and most importantly, finishing the day with a long walk (and let’s be honest here – a beer) on the beach. Bring it!


Early Morning Shades of Pink

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Something weird happened to us since moving to Sydney. Our sleeping patterns are totally screwed up. Some nights we are asleep by 9.30pm and up at 4.30am, even on the weekends. I am no early riser so this is particularly unusual for me but I am kind of loving it. I seem to have far more time during the day and I’m not forcing my bleary eyes to stay open while watching some mindless crap on tv. It also means we are up before sunrise. This gives us enough time to head down to Maroubra beach, grab a coffee, dig our toes into the cold and freshly combed sand and just watch in awe as the beach is bathed in pinky purples and then golden oranges. Of course this is Sydney so the dog walkers, surfers, yogis and baristas always seem to have a head-start on you.











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Architectural Therapy

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bleugh. It’s been a truly shitty week for me. Jordan has the man flu, we are knee deep in boxes, we are having another open house on Thursday, work is manic (as usual), a fellow commuter elbowed me in the noggin this morning – I’ll stop there. I declared myself d.o.n.e. as I left work this evening and took a big time out. I donned my pjs the minute I walked through the door, ordered Thai, did my nails and ogled some dazzling architecture. I feel much better and ready to tackle the rest of the week. For those of you suffering the same fate as me, let me share the very thing that made it all good again. If you have ever been on Pinterest, it’s likely you would have come across stunning architectural images like these below. These steep sloping tiled roofs, grand entrances and sweeping porches are the work of Alabama based architects Mcalpine Tankersley. And you can bet every single one of these images went into my “Pie-in-the-Sky Future Dream House” folder.

idea's for shed.......love the doors, sloping roof, lamps and pots.x

Wishful Thinking

McAlpine Tankersley. Love the railing.

entry canopy by mcalpine tankersley

pigeonnier by mcalpine tankersley

wood house by mcalpine tankersley

bay window by mcalpine tankersley

landscape architecture by kaiser trabue architecture by mcalpine tankersley

Beach porch by mcalpine tankersley.

beach house door by mcalpine tankersley

beach house door by mcalpine tankersley

I K I Shuttered veranda - McAlpine Tankersley

napa valley motor court by mcalpine tankersley

A Whole Year

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The older I get, the more life seems to speed up. Can you believe that it’s been a whole year since this happened? I remember lying on that air bed, watching all my savings exit my bank account, leaving my job, handing over the keys of our beloved car and rental home just like it was yesterday. I remember all the kind words of encouragement as self-doubt and fear began to creep in – and oh boy, did we need those words. It’s not been an easy road, this journey to settling in Aus. We’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It’s been the toughest year of my life. And that’s totally to be expected. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Australia is an incredible country and every day, we feel so lucky to be able to call it home. As I sit and type this, I am surrounded by boxes as we begin another leg of our journey to a new home (hopefully for a bit longer this time as I am sooo DONE with moving), we have possible career changes, big travel plans and even bigger life plans on the horizon. Somewhere in between, life will settle down for us and I’m hoping I can find more time. More time to dedicate to this corner of the internet that I love so much. More time to enjoy this amazing country. More time to just be.

I had a really hard time narrowing down my favourite photos over the past year, but here is just a taster. Make yourself comfortable!

































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