The Mighty Clog

Friday 31 October 2014

I may or may not have a problem with purchasing excessive footwear. It’s a mild addiction that I am sure many of you can relate to. Care to indulge it with me? If so, then stick around because I am posting some eye candy of my new favourite obsession – clogs. I’ve been swooning over many a pair, but specifically, I am coveting these pretties from Free People

{Fine Life Co + Hackwith Design House / Colette Tank}


navy jumpsuit + clogs

Look de Pernille street style Stella McCartney clogs

Pennyweight on Boots & Pine

rhiannon tyndell | boots  pine

Boho bump #maternitystyle #stylishpregnancy (loving the lace here.)

Great summer-fall transitional look #fashion #streetstyle

street style - if only i was short and could wear those shoes :(

Inspiration Look - LoLoBu

The Clog Clogs, a cheery shoe with a wooden platform, have been around for years in a multitude of cultures, but have more recently risen even higher in fashion ranks. #womens #shoes #clogs

And just because I couldn’t resist it. It’s a wall of clogs!

very cool.

Backyard Adventures

Wednesday 29 October 2014

When we received news that our Australian visas were granted last year, the first (of many) major worries was where the hell would we stay when we got there. We knew almost nobody, had never visited before, were jobless and had few precious dollars in the bank account. Many evenings of fraught research later, we came across a little studio above a garage in Maroubra on Airbnb. This little studio quite literally saved our bacon. Being affordable, close to the city for commuting to interviews and hosts with insider knowledge gave us the best possible start to our new lives in Sydney. Airbnb is now my first stop when we need somewhere to stay. Your choice is endless, your options are affordable and in my experience, your hosts are always friendly. If you have never used it before, I urge you to give it a go. If you need any motivation, take a look at this cute little 60s camper located in the Nashville backyard of J. Wes.

Here is the listing on Airbnb – but I found the original post here on Remodelista

Making a Break For It

Sunday 26 October 2014

Now that we have our own set of wheels, we are exploring once more. Getting to know this part of the so-called Lucky Country. And boy oh boy, don’t we feel lucky to live here. Over the long weekend, we were able to drive down to our favourite part of New South Wales, the South Coast. We took the tourist drive which entails driving through the lush landscape of the Royal National Park and then following the road along the coastline, passing countless sleepy surfing villages along the way. Part of the road juts out from the land and you find yourself surrounded by ocean on the left and right – The Grand Pacific Drive. This part of the road is best seen at dawn or dusk but even though our alarms were set, the snooze button was just too tempting. I’ll share some more pics of the various towns we visited but here is the just of it…

Wishful Thinking











All images via Wishful Thinking

Something to Aspire To

Wednesday 22 October 2014

My love affair with Belgian interiors is well documented here on Wishful Thinking. The effortless restraint they practice in their styling fills me with deep seated envy. Carefully selected items are displayed in their full glory, without the need to complicate the space – one small frame against a large grey wall, a rustic oversized lamp next to a frumpy sofa, a deep bath in the middle of the room. Some days I win the less-is-more battle but even so, I still remain hopelessly attached to my endless hoards of stuff. This find below is definitely something I aspire to.



Est-Magazine-Graanmarkt13-Apartment-bathroom-Frederik-Vercruysse-02 (1)




Est-Magazine-Graanmarkt13-Apartment-kitchen-Frederik-Vercruysse-02 (1)

Images via EST Magazine | Photography: Frederik Vercruysse

Mother of a Storm

Sunday 19 October 2014

That storm. I’ve been here long enough to have experienced a few ferocious Sydney storms but never before have I experienced one from the 4th floor of an apartment facing hurricane-like gusts straight off the ocean. I got home from work on Tuesday evening to watch the black clouds roll in, accompanied with booming thunder and steaks of lightning. The show was so impressive that we turned off all the lights and watched at the windows, completely transfixed as the sky lit up like daylight. Storms usually pass but by 11pm, this one showed no signs of slowing down as the wind whipped plant pots and rain against our windows. Just after midnight, we were forced to concede defeat and set up the spare room as the rain pushed it’s way through the sliding doors, soaking our carpets. Sleep finally came but the storm was still raging as we stumbled bleary eyed out of bed the next day to survey the damage and head to work. Luckily the storm seemed to have more bark than bite and apart from a few areas of flash flooding and fallen trees, we were relatively lucky. It made for some impressive photos though (taken by me, edited by my trusty sidekick). As a side note, I’m trying to get Jordan to start posting his photos. Any ideas on good platforms? Flickr?





Images | Wishful Thinking

Weekend Uniform

Friday 17 October 2014

We have had the most unbelievably wild weather here in Sydney (I have some pictures to share). We spent last weekend soaking up the first taste of warm weather and getting our tan on but by Tuesday, the mother of all storms blew in - knocking down trees, flooding suburbs and even snowing some mountain towns in. Luckily it has now passed but it's left a decidedly chilly edge to the air that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Guess it's back to the jumpers and boots for my weekend uniform...

Oversized top
$110 -

Office leather ankle boots
$61 -

Witchery palette eyeshadow
$17 -

Porcelain coffee mug
$8.93 -