Hanging Pots

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Going through my kitchen inspiration folder, I noticed that I am drawn to kitchens that have hanging pots and pans over the island. It’s amazing how something so simple like displaying every day cookware can totally transform a space, adding character and a bit of rustic charm. Although I love the look, I do have reservations: first of all, if you watch horror movies, you know that hanging pots and knife blocks almost always act as easily accessible (albeit poorly implemented) weapons. Second of all, you don’t use all those pots every day (unless Jordan is cooking) so how do you keep them all clean? Any thoughts on hanging pots ladies?


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Tis Almost the Season…

Tuesday 29 November 2011

I’ve been holding off on posting anything festive because given half the chance, I would post something Christmassy every day of the year! I have settled for something subtle to get us into the festive spirit. How about a little dose of red?Since we live far away from home and family, we have had to start our own Christmas traditions. One of my favourites is the ‘putting up the tree extravaganza’. Cheesy Christmas music blares, wine flows, stockings are hung, mince pies bake in the oven and we spend most of the evening trying to untangle ourselves from the twinkle lights and baubles. We are not precious about co-ordination and sophistication when it comes to Christmas decorating. More is less is our motto because let’s face it, it is soooo much more fun that way!


 Red Tree; Red Lace Dress; Red Umbrellas; Cranberry Table Decs; Red Door; Cranberries; Red Christmas Lights; Red Table Setting;   Red Forest

Dream Parisian Apartment…

Monday 28 November 2011

Have I lured you in with the title? Ha! I knew no one could resist a post with the title that includes ‘Parisian Apartment’! Let’s start with the entrance - complete with Vespa and cute pooch! Does it have you intrigued yet? Then we move to the interior, although the dining room furniture has me running for the hills, I just love the quirky touches and more importantly, the open plan layout. The gorgeous dark timber kitchen counter, the chalkboard, the coffee table and built-in shelves are some of my favourite features. But what really sealed the deal for me, is the bathroom – I love the rustic vanity unit and the built-in bench and shelves! I know this will divide opinion but I also happen to love the fact that the bathroom seems to be open to the kitchen by a part-glazed wall. So… do you like it?

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage image

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Keep Calm and Knit!

Friday 25 November 2011

Hopefully this is the last ‘keep calm’ post I do as it’s Driving Test Day Part Deux. I’ve done my homework this time around and I’m sure I’m going to kick parallel parking’s sorry ass to… well… hopefully not to the kerb. I’ve been slightly obsessed about the weather leading up to today, even starting conversations with old ladies on the train about the weather (old people seem to know more about these things), but listening to the howling wind and rain beating on the windows this morning did nothing to calm my nerves. To my relief, the clouds have parted and it looks like it will be a clear day – a good omen maybe? In something totally unrelated but calming to me nevertheless, knitting! The weather has changed and last weekend, I replaced all the t-shirts in my drawer with my thick winter jumpers. Chunky knits seem to be big this winter season and while looking for images for this post, I felt inspired to start knitting again. I figure I’ll start small with a woolly hat or maybe a scarf?

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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