Boo hoo! I’m blue.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes yesterday, unfortunately I made some silly mistakes and got a big fat FAIL marked on my little piece of paper. It didn’t help that my examiner hailed from one of the 7 corners of hell or that I did my entire test in torrential rain… not that I am making excuses or anything. My only victory of the day was making my examiner so uncomfortable with my uncontrollable sobbing that she fled the car! But never fear m’dears, I am getting back on that very big scary horse again very soon so stay tuned as the saga continues. As a result of my horrid day yesterday, I am feeling blue folks, proper blue. Diva TV and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s blue. And my favourite thing to do when I am feeling like this is to swoon over some beautiful interiors. Who’s with me?

Untitled-1Living Room 1 ; Kitchen; Bedroom; Bathroom; Living Room 2; Blue Wall; Living Room 3

In other news, I came across these pretty little blue numbers that made me feel decidedly un-blue. Ladies, I would like to introduce you to Elie Saab RTW Spring 2012.


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  1. hope things will get better ( or i know they will!)
    blues are lovely colours for a house nd for a dress of course!
    have a beautiful day : )

  2. i love those interiors and those dresses - wow! but mostly i love that you sobbed to the point of making someone uncomfortable. go meghan.

  3. awwww - i failed my first test too, my tester failed me 3 seconds in when he thought i almost hit the car beside me backing out but he made me do the whole test anyway - so cruel! I went back and rocked it though and so will you :)
    Love every single one of those blue dresses!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your driving test but I'm sure you'll get right back on that horse... err, behind that wheel! I'm a blue girl any day of the year and am loving Elie Saab's mood for spring. Thanks for stopping by The Buzz and for your sweet comment. So happy to have more beautiful posts to read and I'll definitely be back!

  5. oh, I'm so sorry that happened!!! You are very brave to drive over there :) Hope you will pass soon!

  6. Feel blue, then get back on the horse (or the car in this case!) and take it again. I love the way you are handling it - go girl!!

  7. Next time that examiner starts bugging you then simply say: "shut up, I'm driving!"

    Maybe that helps ;-)


    Don't be too hard on yourself, it's not the end of the world, it's only a driving license. No one is judging you. Well, I think you're the only one doing that ;-)

    By the way, fabulous images. Maybe feeling blue isn't so bad at all. Go easy on the ice-cream!

  8. So sorry about your test!! Pouring rain would be stressful! I love your blue pick me ups especially that gorgeous color in the Elie Saab runway show!

  9. Gorgeous interiors! Hope that you are not so blue tomorrow.

  10. sorry you failed your driving test, i failed my first time too! and there's nothing i love more than coastal inspired blue interiors

  11. I am sorry to hear about your driving test! I think you will do great the second time around!

    By the way, those dresses are gorgeous! I love every one of them! Cheer up, hope you feel better. :)


  12. Good on you for getting straight back out there with your driving. Best of luck for next time. Blue & white is such a classic, I love it in interiors and homewares. And those dresses are divine, such a beautiful shade of blue. xxx

  13. Sorry to hear that - my driver's licence for Germany was also an emotional, stressful roller coaster so I definitely feel your pain! It sounds like you are keeping your upbeat spirit in tact (B&J's helps!) and I wish you the best of luck next time! :)

  14. You will pick yourself right back up and do fine the next I did. Sorry! Those outfits are stunning, love the royal blue - I would not be able to pick just one - the gowns are simply stunning.


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