Holding on to the sunshine

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I think I have webbed feet. And I can hardly believe that I am saying that sitting over here in my Australian ivory tower. Sydney has been in the midst of a deluge for the greater part of a week. I know that we desperately need the rain but I can’t help the funk it has put me in. I got so used to flip flops and sunshine that when I put my tootsies into closed shoes, I ended up with a mahoosive blister on my baby toe. True story. Oh well, it was only a matter of time before my 7-month summer came to an end but I am not quite ready to say goodbye yet. So I am taking us all on a tour of an outside space that epitomises summer. White washed pool area, outdoor fireplace, outdoor shower area and even an outdoor kitchen. You can thank me later.

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  1. This is a gorgeous home and one that I could easily get on board with! I love the contrast of white, white walls and darker wood. My friends in Nantucket have one of those hanging bed/benches and I LOVE it. It's definitely on my dream list. It's one of those things that you look at in pictures and wonder, is it as comfortable as everything else? Will I sit on it as much as I think I will. Yeah, you do! :)

  2. This is a magnificent home ...... I love the clean lines and the best outdoor shower ever! I would never get out of that pool or think about leaving that fireplace. Ahhhh

  3. this entire space is to die for. i love the hanging bed/sofa. i think a pin of one those were one of the first things i spotted on pinterest and have dreaming of them since. lucky ducks live there. xo

  4. Okay yes I will take that house - who cares that I don't know what the inside looks like? I'll just live outside! Can we just say that I'm pining away for summer?

  5. I hear you. I'm a summer person through and through. thank god winter in Sydney will be short and sweet, no? xoxo


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