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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

As much as it pained me to get rid of most of my possessions a few months ago, I knew it was cathartic for me to purge. If we are being honest here, I might as well fess up and admit that I have been shopping up a storm, replacing all (and then some) of the items that I gave away or turfed. I have had far too much fun discovering some fantastic Aussie shops but I really miss my beloved Amazon (which I used every month in the UK). In particular, I miss being able to by a book on a whim and have it be waiting at my front door the next day (although I have recently discovered that I can buy from the US Amazon, I’ll just have to endure the wait). Top of my order list will be The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives by Kim Ficaro and Todd Nickey. The book details the personal styles of eclectic creatives – apart from being the pure eye-candy you can expect from a beautifully curated interiors book, it completely satisfies my unashamedly nosy nose. Here’s a sneak peek inside:

nspired Home Ditte Isager Danish house | Remodelistanspired Home Ditte Isager patchwork tile sink | RemodelistaInspired-Home-Ditte-Isager-Danish-home-dining-room-Remodelistanspired Home Ditte Isager bedroom | Remodelistanspired Home Ditte Isager bathroom | Remodelistanspired Home Ditte Isager Danish living room | RemodelistaInspired Home Nests of Creatives Rizzoli Ficaro Nickey | Remodelista

Source | Remodelista  Photography | Ditte Isager


  1. Oh boy, the last thing I need is more interior decor books but they're always so gorgeous and chock full of dream home pics. It's hard to resist

  2. Oh, this looks like a book worth waiting a few days for. But I don't think it will help you in the purging department ;-)

  3. oh this looks like a good one. thank goodness you can at least use amazon, it took me awhile to get on board but once i got the prime shipping, i was hooked! and now i think i'd even be okay waiting a little longer.

  4. I am also a lover of Amazon and ordered something even today. I do like the looks of these rooms. nice.....

  5. Oh this is stunning!!! I totally know what you mean by looking forward to amazon coming to the door! Ahhhh but the Aussie's certainly have beautiful things.

  6. I've wondered how cathartic is was for you to get rid of all of your stuff. Hard and yet good. Neel and I are thinking of a move down the road, and there's SO much I won't take with me. So much! I'm different. I need less. I want different things. But still, there are things I could never lose.

    That painting over the bed took my breath away. Makes me think I need to get more of my stuff (not that it's *that* good!) printed onto canvas. :)


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