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Wednesday 9 January 2013

After posting about the woes of January on Monday, it’s been quite comforting to hear that I am not alone and that we are all feeling the strain of the so-called “dark month”. Did you know this was the month of detox too? As in stop drinking, get on that treadmill and stop eating sugar? Ha! What a preposterous thought! I need the little luxuries of red wine and chocolate to get me through. The added luxuries of chunky knits from French Connection and ambient lighting wouldn’t hurt either! 


1. throw; 2. candle; tablecloth weights; 4. rattan basket; 5. pot plant; 6. table lamp; 7. frames; 8. tea strainer; 9. mug; 10. cushion;  11. chocolate


  1. I'll take one of each please. Perhaps an extra helping of those lovely little chocolates ;)

  2. All these people starting their diets in January - ridiculous, just as you said - this is the month where it's cold and dark outside and I need all the warm comfort food I can get. These items are all gorgeous and I will have to try those truffles! xo

  3. Yay to chocolate! I love everything in your list. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  4. Detox is over rated ;). Thank you - why had I never ever noticed H&M has home goods - love the pillow.

    1. Linda @ a design snack10 January 2013 at 08:03

      ditto on the detox. pls pass the red wine.

  5. The throw would be perfect for lying on the couch with a cup of tea and I would be munching on those sea salt caramel truffles. Why can't I stay on the couch today?

  6. That's more my kind of thinking for this month xo

  7. Aaand now I'm off to buy that pillow! I love the washed-out, calm look of all these pieces together!

  8. I'm liking the look of no.1 & 4 - still plenty of time for cosiness before spring comes! :)

  9. I LOVE this list. I'll take 1 & 2, ok one of each!

  10. Hi!
    Agree, I need chocolate and wine, too. But, I've noticed some extra pounds on my scale.... not good.
    Love the wish list. All of it.
    Happy 2013!

    ps: my blog address has changed:

  11. That is ludicrous to think about detoxing in January! For you it's cold, and you need red wine and chocolate; and for me it's boiling and I need lots of chilled bubbly and cheese boards! Love your picks. x

  12. Meghan, chocolate is totally saving my ass (although not making it smaller) this January. It has been rainy and cold and absolutely dismal. If I find anything else that will help buoy our spirits, I'll let you know!


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