A mountain hideaway…

Thursday, 31 January 2013

January meets it’s demise today. In celebration I want to take a little imaginary trip to the glorious breathtaking beauty of the Caucasus. I figured why not stay in the 5 star Rooms Hotel in Stepantsminda, Georgia? I think it’s fairly obvious what I like about the hotel – abundant natural light, all that natural timber, a warm and neutral colour palette and more books that your average library - but it’s the area that I found truly fascinating. Ever thought of planning a trip to Georgia? No? Me neither! Stepantsminda, known formerly as Kazbegi, was named after the famous local noble pastoral poet, Alexander Kazbegi, who lived here as a shepherd and wrote famous poems celebrating the beauty and richness of the mountains. The area also well loved by mountain climbers and is world renowned for its vast variety of wild flowers.

Sound good? I think Georgia has firmly made it’s way on to my travelling radar!

Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-16Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-7Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-1Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-11Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-6Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-18Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-19Rooms-Hotel-in-Kazbegi-Caucasus-Mountains-Georgia-yatzer-3check out that view!


All images © Irakli Bluishvili


  1. Happy February!!! Wish you an amazing month... Nice post!

  2. Wow - I want to go there. It looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I'll take it! I'd spend all of my time in that library with a nose in a book and completely ignoring those beautiful mountains


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