Biding my time…

Wednesday 30 January 2013

January has dragged and dragged and dragged. I hate to wish away time but January can seriously kiss my ass. Between the weather, the lack of funds and the perpetual darkness it’s been brutal. I have taken to checking my bank account periodically throughout the day - no doubt my subconscious is hoping it will magically fill itself with the good zeros. I’ve got big plans for February, the first of which will be some retail therapy. I’ve already done some browsing (duh) and Not on the High Street was my first virtual stop. I can always find something(s) I like there. Here are my top choices.

Wishful Thinking

1. pastel measuring cups; 2. personalised house sketch; 3. lamb wool blanket; 4. zinc tray;  5. old-fashioned scissors 6. lighthouse candle; 7. alphabet candles; 8. ceramic egg cups

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