Thursday snoop – the perfect hideaway…

Thursday 3 January 2013

I always breath a little sigh of relief after the winter solstice, for me it feels like the worst of winter is over and I can finally start to claw back some daylight hours. But in reality, January is one of the hardest months for a South African living in a cold climate and I know by mid January, I will be practically gasping for sunshine and warmth. At this point, I’ll settle for some coastal eye candy in the form of this beautiful beach cottage. Natural timber walls, floors, and low ceilings along with the relaxed furniture and rich textiles create the perfect little beach hideaway. I’d also quite happily give up chocolate for the rest of my life if I could have a dining room just like this one.

Perfection, no?


Images via Skona Hem


  1. i really like the built-in bed and the grey - would be quite the relaxing getaway.

  2. This beach cottage looks so cozy and homey,a wonderful retreat.

  3. oh january, my birthday is in january and i have always hated it because it's my least favorite month. it's such a long one here. that little hideaway is so charming. i would love to catch a few extra minutes of sleep in that bed. . . or spend the day reading in it.

  4. My own interior style has been called cottage eclectic and I adore these images.

    Following over from Arni at Travel Gourmande. I'm off to follow you on Pinterest and Twitter.

  5. Ah, such perfection! I'm dreaming about sunshine and warm cozy naps - especially in that little bed nook! Great finds.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  6. Perfection yes! Love your new look Meghan and we hear you regarding the winter solstice and mid-January. Even for girls growing up in Belgium, we need warmth and sun by the end of the month. But we'll take that comfy chair and a cup of cocoa if that's what's on hand!
    C + C

  7. Absolutely perfect. I feel the same way about winter solstace ........ I am coming out of this dreary winter and claw for more daylight. It's amazing how the days are cut short because of darkness. Let's hope the sun shines down a little more this winter for everyone.

  8. I love, love, love that cosy bedroom set up - just what is needed for January! Happy New Year!

  9. this is just so heavenly & cozy! I don't love the winter months at all...with you on that! Ready for Spring here in Texas! Thanks for stopping by the blog :)


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