Monday snoop – organised chaos

Monday 28 January 2013

This weekend saw the skies clear up and the sun come out. Like every other Londoner, we found ourselves being lured outside by this big blazing ball of flame. Dazed and confused we wandered the streets, blinking into the brightness, tilting our faces to the sky and basking like lizards. Of course, it was short lived and we are back to rain for the foreseeable future. On the plus side, the perpetual rain means I might start my spring cleaning early this weekend. I have a whole lot of eclectic clutter that I keep out to resemble “organised chaos” (much like this home I am posting today) but I can no longer call anything in my house organised. I’m taking inspiration for the house below, particularly the kitchen, to get some military precision organisation back into my home.

How about you? Have you started your “spring” cleaning yet?

Wishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful Thinking

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