The warm and fuzzies...

Friday 2 November 2012

I can’t take full credit for this little Friday number I put together, it was originally inspired by an outfit I fell in love with on Pinterest. I've been debating faux fur for a while now, and let’s be honest, it can look a little tacky, but I never write anything off until I have really mulled it over in my mind, and after seeing it pop up on blogs and fashion magazines I began to rethink my stance. In small doses (I'm talking gilets, fur-lined hoods and even shoes) it can look bold and well… for lack of a better word, Fabulous. But I am still of the belief that in large doses, fur can look not only tacky, but it is also incredibly ageing. With this in mind, I put together an outfit that is both simple and young. 

How do you feel about faux fur? Would you wear something like this little fur gilet?

Autumnal Weekend Style
LnA v neck shirt
$105 -

Alice Olivia fur vest

Brunello cucinelli

Alexis Bittar agate ring

Alexander McQueen bracelets jewelry
$310 -

River island

Stella mccartney

Pieces leather belt
$39 -


  1. The bracelet is beautiful and that pair of boots is so similar to one I have and wear heavily in winter. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. i love everything you put together and i would be so ecstatic to own it all! except i persinally wouldn't wear a faux fur vest but i love the look for someone else. i do own a faux fur coat which i wear once a year and tone it down with jeans and boots. it's fun to have and wear to maybe a holiday play or performance but other than that it sits in my closet. xo

  3. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I've got a faux fur gilet and I wear it at every possibly opportunity! I really like the outfit you've described here - I would definitely wear any or all of it!! You have such fab taste!


  4. By the way, I just had a MASSIVE look at your gorgeous Pinterest board for fashion. I LOVED it!! Thank you so much!!


  5. I could totally do this faux fur outfit - the boots, bag - it's all my style!

  6. Yep, I think this outfit is fab! I don't own any fur, but I would definitely wear this faux fur vest, and I love the Steve Madden boots. x

  7. Stunning outfit! Just perfect, they all fit beautifully together.

  8. I love fur, just the smell of the jackets and bags drive me crazy, but is true that those huge coats make a young lady look too much! I loved your choices.

  9. I could do faux fur but I think I would have to feel pretty confident wearing it as it is making a statement. I do want a pair of those Steve Madden booties though. Isn't Pinterest fab?

  10. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by...I adore everything on your fashion list and would want them all in my winter closet! The furry vest is so cute!


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