My Fair London – Hampton Court

Friday 29 April 2011

I am taking a quick opportunity to blog my usual My Fair London post with one eye on the television, completely riveted to the Royal Wedding!! Kate Middleton looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g, very Grace Kelly-esque! I know anything I blog about is going to be a little under-whelming compared to the glitz and glamour that is unfolding but here goes anyway! Today I bring you one of my very favourite palaces, Hampton Court Palace (also hailed as one of King Henry VIII’s  favourites).  The first site of the building always awes me – the monstrous red brick Tudor building with its dramatic turrets and chimney pots! The interior is equally impressive, with a contrast between the simple Tudor elements and more elaborate Baroque decorations. Since I am still a big kid at heart, I must admit that my favourite part of the palace is the maze and the fact that the palace is said to be very haunted! We usually pack a little picnic lunch and spend the day wondering around the palace and snacking in the beautiful gardens! Hope you enjoy the rest of the wedding festivities, I’m off to do some shopping while the shops are quiet!!



IMG_2996 IMG_3014


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All images via My Wishful Thinking


  1. Kate looked so stunning! I cannot wait to see what she wears to the reception.

    Your photographs are just lovely! I was in London last month and it's such a great city to photograph architecture.

  2. She looked lovely... I think she stayed true to herself by keeping her hair down, and that dress, oh that dress! Grace Kelly-esque indeed.

  3. These pictures are so *gorgeous*!!! It is giving me a bad case of wanderlust...definitely adding this to my "must see" list! (c: Happy Monday!


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