My Fair London – Hyde Park

Friday 22 April 2011

Happy Easter everyone! Thanks to a heatwave in London, we will be deviating from the usual roast dinner and celebrating Easter outdoors with a picnic in Hyde Park! So I guess it’s only fitting to introduce this park in My Fair London post!

The city can be suffocating with constant traffic, noise, pollution, and crowds but located in the middle of all this chaos is an oasis of quiet and calm. When the sun slightly peaks out, regardless of the temperature, city workers in suits flock to the park to lie out on the grass minus socks and shoes – this always gives me the giggles! You can do just about anything at Hyde Park, you can hire a Boris bike and cycle around, you can rent a little pedal boat and pedal up and down the pond, you can start your own political debate at Speaker’s Corner, jump in the observation wheel and take a ride, have a bite to eat at the Serpentine Cafe or even paddle about in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. Check it out if you are in London, you will fall in love with it!



IMG_3455 IMG_3457


IMG_3461 IMG_3467
IMG_3456 IMG_3469

The Ranger’s House – I am now seriously considering a career as Park Ranger!



Speaker’s Corner – anyone can jump up on a box and start talking, the topics range but people usually debate about religion and politics. Although if you are lucky, you might see someone claiming to be an alien or something similar!


That winding path-like thing is actually the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain – it’s not the most attractive fountain but kids seem to love it!

IMG_3483 IMG_3472


All images via My Wishful Thinking (except Speaker’s Corner – found here)

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  1. The flowers are just stunning! Have a great weekend!


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