My Fair London – Notting Hill

Friday, 15 April 2011

So it’s Friday again which means it’s time for My Fair London post - I am always a little shocked that it comes around so quickly! I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend and getting Bruno Mars ‘Grenade’ out of my head (I love that song but wow, it’s super catchy)!

Now that I have got that off my mind… ta da! I present the ever-popular Notting Hill! Thanks to the movie, it’s probably one of the most famous suburbs of London but it’s definitely worthy of the praise. I don’t really go there as often as I should but every time I do make the trip, I find something new! The colourful buildings, trendy Londoners in vintage sunglasses and boots, the smell of waffles from the stalls and the quirky antique shops are just a few of the attractions!! My favourite shop is Jessie Western on Portobello Road, my face was pressed up against that glass on Sunday (I didn’t trust myself to go inside)…



IMG_3336 IMG_3338


IMG_3344 IMG_3347
IMG_3349 IMG_3350


IMG_3362 IMG_3372


IMG_3351 IMG_3352
IMG_3345 IMG_3357

IMAGE CREDITS: All images via My Wishful Thinking


  1. i gotta admit that the only reason i know about Notting Hill is because of the movie. would love to go and experience it myself!

  2. I have such a romantic vision of Notting Hill (from the movie of course) and your photos show that it doesn't disappoint!

  3. Notting Hill could not be more charming!!! I love the colors and the architecture. These are all your photographs?

  4. Ooo these pictures are beautiful! I love the B Famous shop. I <3 graffiti.

  5. So beautiful - reminds me of Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC!
    Much love,

  6. What wonderful and picturesque shots, wish I could be there exploring all of those amazing shops!

  7. I was in London recently for a weekend with my boyfriend but didnt get as far as nottingHill Ive never actually been there which is pretty bad since im not the hugest distance away from London its only a couple of hours drive. The shops look great & I love that sign about the secret garden round the back sounds intriguing


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