Can’t help myself… must pin them!

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Every now and then my Pinterest board blows up with a particular kind of inspiration for me. I’m not always conscious of what I am pinning but before I know it, a pattern has developed. Lately, it’s been subway tiles. Now I know they are nothing new and the trend might already be waning (please say it isn’t so) but I can’t help myself, I can NOT pin them! It’s these beauties with the dark grout that have my heart in flutters.

Wishful Thinking - Subways

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  1. I'm definitely a sucker for those as well, particularly in the kitchen

  2. They do look really pretty. Noticed lots of restaurants and gastro pubs here in London are using these tiles a lot also (so you are not alone ;-) xx

  3. Meghan, subway tiles are a timeless classic- no waning here.

  4. when my mom remodeled her kitchen i very strongly suggested that she go with subway tiles with grey/black grout. she did and of course she loves it. it's one of my favorite looks too.

  5. i love subway tiles too (though sometimes i wonder if they are too trendy you know?) i think if i ever owned a home a bathroom would be a safe bet however - can never be wrong for that space.


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