Some new skillz

Thursday, 10 April 2014

In my quest for acquiring new skills for a better blog and a better me, I subject my husband to all manor of experiments. Numerous inedible baking disasters, crack of dawn neighbourhood walks and countless trips to the shops. He has been a quiet endurer of all but one – photography. In this, he has been an active pursuer. Any blogger will tell you that at some point you feel the need to refine/acquire some serious photography skills and I was no exception. We bought the SLR, read all the books and took hundreds of bad photos.

Although my camera skills are good, I simply don’t have the patience to be great. Jordan, on the other hand, took to it like a duck to water. He can stand for hours fiddling with the settings, trying different angles, playing with the light. Me? I am all about instant gratification and very often lose my patience when the great shot doesn’t happen in a nanosecond. So here I am, watching my husband kick my ass at photography, hoping he’ll teach me cool stuff along the way. He’s already taught me the value of shooting in RAW and his new favourite toy, Adobe LightRoom. We currently have a monthly subscription for $10 which includes Adobe LightRoom and Photoshop. Here’s some of my favourite of his before and after shots:








All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. Wow. The after shots are fantastic. Wish I was that skilled at Photoshop!

  2. This is awesome!!!!! I'm a professional photographer and still don't know everything that Photoshop is capable of.

  3. i am like you. i don't have the patience to set up perfect shots, especially when i usually have my children in tow yelling in the background "cooooome oooooon." so i often try to shoot in raw (and i am trying to get better at erasing these storage hogs once i am done with them) and edit later. but you know when i took photography in college, that was what we focused on most, editing in the darkroom. thankfully now we can do it without the coming near any of the toxic chemicals. these shots are amazing!

  4. Oh I'm dying for an SLR- but I'm afraid I wouldn't put the necessary time and effort into learning to use it properly. The monthly fee for the program is so well worth it! It takes the images from beautiful to magnificent.

  5. I don't have the patience playing with SLR either. I prefer working with photoshop more yet still have a lot to learn :) Stunning photos!

  6. Oh, so exciting! I'm a Lightroom devotee, although you wouldn't know it based on the horrible condition of my catalog right now! Needs some serious attention. I have not paid much attention to the editing capabilities because I generally do pretty clean edits, but wowzers! These are STUNNING! Just gorgeous. I'm totally impressed. The lone sailboat is my favorite.

  7. fabulous. I personally think that editing photos is an art in itself and opens so many creative possibilities.

  8. Oh he's definitely got an eye - how wonderful. Hopefully that brings him closer to your blogging hobby and more involved in it?

  9. nice! he is seriously getting skills. brian is the same way - he cares much more about than i do lol. instant gratification all the way!


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