Did I tell you about this?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Excuse me if I am a little frazzled but I have been up since 3am when our wonderful neighbours, 3 floors above us decided to come home and be sick all over the building and onto our balcony. And you would be forgiven for thinking this, but no, we don’t live in a frat house. Turns out we are not cut out for apartment life and have been researching breaking our lease. It’s a little stressy round here so it’s no surprise that my mind keeps wondering to our magical Christmas break. Did I tell you about it? We spent 2 weeks with family and friends in one of the most beautiful spots in New South Wales.

Wishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful Thinking

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  1. oh man, that is gross! maybe that would help in your case of breaking your lease though?

    i live in town homes and while i loooove it for so many reasons there are times when i just wish i lived in a little house in the country. like yesterday morning when my neighbor got up at 730 am and blasted rihanna to the point of my windows vibrating and then started doing jumping-jacks(?) for the next 2 and a half hours.

  2. That is some beautiful scenery. Nothing like NOT having neighbors. I wouldn't be happy in an apartment anymore. Good luck breaking your lease.

  3. I had a little tiff with the neighbor this past weekend too, apartment living is tough, About breaking a lease, it can be less expensive if someone takes the place up quite quickly. If the place is good you may not really have a problem with someone else snapping it up. Good luck!

  4. wow. i am so sorry to hear your neighbors did that - that's crazy! lovely pictures tho.

  5. Ugh I would be SO pissed off if my neighbors did that - jerks

  6. oh no, that sounds horrible. looks like you had a fantastic holiday tho...


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