My Fair London – Christmas

Friday 1 July 2011

I know it’s a little strange to be posting winter/Christmas pics in the middle of summer so please use your imagination! This something people find surprising about me, but I LOVE Christmas. My office collectively groans in July when I start doing my Christmas countdown and by December, I am so beside myself with excitement that family and friends have no choice but to share in the excitement with me (or go crazy). London is the place to be over Christmas if you share my mood. The city transforms into a winter wonderland complete with snow (if you are lucky), twinkling fairy lights, ice rinks and carollers. It’s become a bit of a tradition for us to grab a cinnamon coffee and stroll around the city wrapped up in hats and scarves soaking in the festivity. (Very exciting for a girl who spent every Christmas on the beach having a barbeque!)

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All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. I have yet to experience the Christmas mood in London. My friend who lives there says it's magical.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Christmas pics in summer are fun and unexpected. Lovely!

  3. These photos are getting me excited to go back to England for my third English winter in December!


  4. Great images. I've always imagined that London is as romantic as NYC at Christmas (...or have I been watching Love Actually one too many times?)

  5. Oh megHan, I do love me some Christmas - but it's 4th of July weekend here in the states! Lovely images! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. I am also a Christmas enthusiast so I just love these...and I miss London terribly now!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. haha, i'm kinda finding it refreshing to see the cool weather and christmas pics! i love christmas time and right now it's so stinkin' hot it's nice to see this!

  8. Ha ha ha! Snow!?! Winter!?! No, please, no! Summer just got here!
    But I agree. London at Christmas time is a magical place. I was there about 10 years ago for Boxing Day and New Years. What a great trip that was!

  9. OMG no snow please -LOL! Xmas is my favorite holiday as well:) To spend the holidays in London would be a sight to see!

  10. England was wonderful at Christmas last year! I couldn't believe my eyes with the snow!! We *never* have snow usually at that time of year so it was an extra special treat!!

    And any time *you* want to talk about Christmas is absolutely fine by me!! I LOVE it!!


  11. I don't mind if you write about Christmas during the start of July because I love Christmas! I have always love Christmas. You won't believe it, a year and a half ago, before we moved to our second home from North Carolina to Illinois, we had our Christmas tree all year long in our living room with all the ornaments. When people came to our house, they usually ask, "Oh, you have started decorating for Christmas already?" Hahaha...

    I find the Christmas season very beautiful, colorful and festive, and it makes me happy! I bet London looks great when it comes to seasonal decorating decked with the endless amount of beautiful lights and ornaments. Would love to visit one day during the holiday season.


  12. awww i miss christmas!!


  13. I love Christmas too, now you have me longing for it after looking at the pics!

  14. It's warm today so I let your pics cool me off:)

  15. that is so much fun! i'm counting down until this coming christmas to go home back to the US and see friends and family!

    i don't think australia's christmas is ever the same without it being cold and having the family all together around a fire

  16. oh how i'd love to be in London this coming Christmas! It has been sweltering hot here and believe it or not I've had a moment or two when I wished for colder weather, and the christmas market :) so happy to have found your blog!xx

  17. Lovely images! I do like Christmas time a lot, but honestly love summer too, so I only start counting down in late Autumn. London can be wonderful over Christmas (though overly commericialised), but I still think Germanic countries do Christmas the best.

  18. Now you've gone and put Christmas in my head IN JULY and made me feel excited although it's nearly SIX MONTHS away. You bad girl.

  19. This makes me want it to be Christmas again!! I love the snow, smells, sounds and everything else about Christmas. But then I'm over snow and I want my breezy 70 degrees back.


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