The outfit that never was!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Before we left for Greece, I carefully thought about what to pack and was quite proud of the stylish outfits I chose (usually I just stuff whatever is clean in my bag and hope for the best). When temperatures topped 40 degrees, I knew that I wouldn't be wearing any of them! Instead I opted for extreme comfort with no makeup, loose cover-ups and bikinis - it was pure bliss but I wish I had the opportunty to wear half of what I brought. I put together my ultimate stylish beach outfit on Polyvore (with the added bonus of everything I chose being affordable!)
Beach Bum
Vince rib tank
$48 -

Vigoss denim shorts
$28 -

Monsoon butterfly bracelet
£12 -

Sterling silver diamond necklace
$125 -

Closed wide belt
$150 -

H M wide brim hat
£9.99 -

Gucci shades
$275 -

WeWOOD Date Watch
$119 -

Core Messenger Bag
$30 -

Completely off the topic but I couldn't let the occasion go unmarked - it has been a whole year since I gave up smoking! Cake and champagne might not be that appropriate (add it to the list of things I probably need to cut down on) but even a healthy pair of lungs looks gross on a blog page! It's not been an easy process and truth be told, I didn't really believe I would last this long but so far so good. Congrats also to my guy who not only gave up with me, but also moans about it a hell of a lot less than I do.
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  1. love this belt- and the sunglasses- although it doesn`t seam i `ll need them this summer- it rains. like all the time : )

  2. Congrats on the no smoking! Quite an accomplishment. My bf is trying to quit smoking and I can tell it is really difficult for him.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! I want to visit Greece so badly!

  3. way to be smoke-free - great accomplishment!

    love the hat in your outfit. perfect for blocking the greek sun.

  4. Oh that Chloe Beach Towel is the definition of luxury in my book!

  5. Super cute outfit! And even more - congrats on a whole year without smoking! That is a huge accomplishment and totally worth celebrating!
    Much love,

  6. Hooray! That is a BIG deal! Yay, you! :)

  7. Congrats on giving it up! That is something to celebrate! Here's to a healthier you!

    Also, that is some kind of road trip story you told me!!! I think that deserves a blog post all its own!

  8. Those shades are great. But, I'm with you: in extreme heat or cold weather, I think, comfort first!
    Congrats on the no smoking - well done!

  9. Congratulations on the smoking anniversary! What a huge accomplishment.
    PS - I love that watch!

  10. First of all, LOVING the big gold watch. Secondly, YOU GO GIRL!!! I quit smoking 18 months ago, cold turkey. NOT easy but totally worth it. Us MegHans must be tough!!! :)

  11. Congrats on the not smoking that huge!!! Loving that watch, hat and towel -really want a summer break now :( xx

  12. Good for you for becoming a non-smoker! That choice is something that you will never regret. Cheers to your health!

  13. GREAT job on will be so glad you did so stick with it!!! Love the outfit - especially those sandals!

  14. I just love that hat. So cool!

  15. Congrats on quitting! That's certainly something to celebrate :)

  16. Welcome back! Cute outfit you chose and congrats on one year. My hubby quit after more than a decade a few years ago and I saw first-hand how horribly difficult it was for him. You go!

  17. Great outfit! Perfect for traveling to a warm location!!
    Congrats on 1 yr of non-smoking!

  18. Definitely an event to celebrate like crazy! That is quite an accomplishment (c: And so glad you had such a good time on your trip! And even though it was hot, you still know you did it up in style! (c:

  19. That watch is so cute! Congratulations on giving up smoking!



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