Wednesday 16 March 2011

I must admit that I did not have high expectations for Lanzarote. It has a reputation for being full of tacky resorts and rowdy tourists. Thankfully, this reputation was proved wrong. We had an amazing time exploring the island and soaking up the Spanish culture of siestas and tapas! The absolute highlight of my trip was visiting César Manrique's house, it’s a bit tricky to find (furious words were exchanged in the car as we went round and round many round-abouts but eventually found it). This amazing building was built on top of a volcanic trail from a volcanic eruption that occurred in the 18th century. Five natural volcanic bubbles form the main rooms with quaint underground passageways which connect them. The top part of the house forms an art gallery containing some original works by Picasso and Miró as well as some of Manrique’s sketches etc. I loved the recreational area which contains the pool, seating area, barbeque and little dance floor (it actually kind of reminded me of a rustic 70s playboy mansion without the seediness!) You will see Manrique’s influence everywhere on the island, in fact, he had a major influence on the planning regulations in Lanzarote. Because of him, there are no high rise hotels on the island and those that are there, are all in keeping with traditional colours etc. If you ever find yourself in Lanzarote, check it out! It's 8 euros well spent!







Entrance to one of the passageways which connect the main volcanic bubble rooms.


This photo came out rubbish because I tried to take it through closed blinds but I really just wanted to get the beautiful tiles!

My guy checking out the BBQ!
One of the many interesting sculptures throughout the building.

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