Back to earth with a thump!

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Do you ever feel like you are wading through treacle on the first day back from your holiday? Well that’s how I feel today! All my movements are sluggish and clumsy and I keep blinking in surprise to find myself slumped in front of my computer instead of at the pool side! Oh well. Since my brain is not properly engaging today, I thought I would leave a complex post on the cool stuff I saw and my holiday in general for later in the week (yes, I anticipate that my brain will be mush for at least another couple of days) and post some of my favourite snaps from my break in Lanzarote – which was not ‘Lanzagrotty’ as someone pointed out!!!

P.S – I just have to ask, does anyone else think that flying with unallocated seats (like easyJet etc) brings out the worst in people? I mean, I can look back at my 12 hour journey home yesterday and smile at the ridiculousness of it all but at the time it was just not funny! Everyone stands at waits at the boards for their gate number with crazed looks in their eyes and then when that gate number comes up, it’s a free-for-all bare elbow fight to be first in the queue to get a seat together or by the window. I always vow I won’t fly like this again (no matter how cheap the tickets are) or I wonder why I can’t just muster a happy-go-lucky attitude and not care if I get sandwiched in between 2 wailing babies? But alas, each journey, I find myself being one of those people that launches myself towards the gate, dragging my poor fiancé with me in the hope of getting that all too precious window seat. Never. Again. I. Promise.





This building is actually a bank!




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