My Fair London

Friday 25 March 2011

I have a very complex relationship with the city I live in, probably stemming from the fact that I come from a small coastal town on the Garden Route of South Africa. Moving to the cramped, busy, cold lifestyle of London was a huge transition to say the least. Now before we go any further, you should know this about me, before I moved to this city, I had never been on an airplane, I had never worn high heels and most importantly of all, I did not know how to use an escalator! (No, I’m not joking). Of course, 6 years later I am much more adjusted and settled and consider this to be home, well mostly anyways. I still get days of despair and homesickness where I loose sight of everything and wish I was at home, but they are much fewer and far between.

I recently realised that the only way to combat my homesickness was to think about all the amazing bits of this city that make me so excited to be a Londoner – so this is what this post is about. Every week, I will be sharing something that I love about the city I live in! My first post starts tomorrow and I am already so full of ideas!

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  1. These are stunning photos. I popped over after seeing your comment on Elements of Style. I too am a Londoner and I find that it is great to really appreciate living in such a wonderful city. Great blog by the way.


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