Glamping… err… camping?

Monday 7 February 2011

With the recession looming over us, there has been a big push to get people to holiday within the UK, instead of seeking sunnier and warmer climates elsewhere. I must admit that after having only about 2 days of sunshine in January, I am sceptical about this concept. But this was before I found out about Canopy and Stars – a company offering fun, quirky places to stay/camp! Apparently, this is called ‘glamping’ - definitely my kind of camping!

dapper-camping-no.-11_placelarge (4)

dapper-camping-no.-21_placelarge (2)


eco-gypsy-caravan1_placelarge (2)

eco-gypsy-caravan1_placelarge (4)




the-geo1_placelarge (2)
IMAGE CREDITS: Canopy and Stars

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