Wednesday 16 February 2011

I first read about H&M opening a home department when I was on the train home, I got so excited that I nearly announced it to everyone on my train! I managed to restrain myself (only just) but I did catch the eye of a woman who was reading the same article as me and we both sort of nodded to each other with the unspoken word "finally" hanging between us. Below are some of my favourite items from their online store – and the best part about it? Nothing on here is more than £25! Gotta love a good bargain!

H&M Collage copy
1. Textile Baskets - £9.99;  2. Napkin Ring - £2.99;  3. Cushion Cover - £12.99;  4. Velvet Cushion Cover - £7.99;  5. Apron - £14.99;   6. Round Cushion Cover - £14.99;  7.  Throw - £24.99;  8. Frilled Cushion Cover - £14.99;  9. Leaves Cushion Cover - £7.99

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