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Saturday 5 February 2011

I have been incredibly lucky this week (ok apart from getting food poisoning), because I got the most fantastic opportunity to visit the Palace of Westminster. I usually huff and puff and walk right past these amazing sites cursing the tourists wondering if I am that annoying when I go on holiday, so it was great to stop and ‘smell the roses’. 
The interior of the palace is unlike any I have ever seen before, everything is ornate and gilded and richly detailed. I spent the entire time walking around with my eyes glued to the ceiling (which by the way, are all spectacular), saying totally uncool saying things like ‘awesome’ and ‘wow’ and ‘neat’. If you are a Harry Potter fan - it’s kinda like the inside of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic. I wasn’t able to take any photos so I have had to borrow some to show you what I saw but if you are ever in London, it is well worth a visit to see the real thing.

A view of the Houses of Parliament from across the Thames

The timber ceiling of Westminster Hall

St. Stephen's Hall Entrance

The Royal Gallery (which was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop!)

The Royal Robing Room (because everyone needs a room to robe)

The Central Lobby (this was the bit I remembered from tv)

Big Ben - duh!

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