Thursday, 17 January 2013

Somewhere to sleep… in Paris!

Paris has been on my mind a lot lately, and chances are if you have written about it on your blog, you would have heard me recount my very meh Parisian experience (if not, then it’s a story for another day). I desperately need a do-over. I want to stay in a NICE hotel, not one where the staff look at you like you have grown another head because you asked for a spoon to eat your yoghurt (admittedly an odd request but it was late, and I was hungry). I’m thinking something like Hotel Paradis, with a beautiful lobby designed by Dorothée Meilichzon. It’s everything you want from a hotel, warm, inviting, chic and maybe just a hint of quirkiness. I also love a hotel that puts a high-sided sofa in their lobby, I could happily sit there all day and watch the Parisians go about their business.

Hotel-Paradis-lobby-Dorothee-Meilichzon-Paris-10Hotel Paradis, Paris, FranceHotel Paradis, Paris, FranceHotel-Paradis-lobby-Dorothee-Meilichzon-Paris-02Hotel Paradis, Paris, FranceHotel Paradis, Paris, FranceHotel-Paradis-lobby-Dorothee-Meilichzon-Paris-05Hotel Paradis, Paris, FranceHotel-Paradis-lobby-Dorothee-Meilichzon-Paris-07

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  1. Fabulous, I love all the different wall features. I've only been to Paris once, and I was pick-pocketed :( Still had a great time... I was 17, and we were there supporting my brother's 1st 15 rugby tour. Lots of cute boys, and it was New Years Eve! :) x

  2. Ah, I miss Paris and wish I had the time (and money) to spend a few weeks in a lovely hotel, watching people, drinking wine... This hotel looks like somewhere I could imagine staying. xo

  3. Beautiful - bookmarked this one to try on our next visit. Planning on a trip to Belgium in Feb - any suggestions??

    1. Hi Laurie - Belgium is still pretty much unexplored by me! Though I have been to Brugges and it's one of my favourite cities (I know I say that about loads but this one really really is)! We stayed at The Flanders Hotel which we adored. It was far enough out of the thick of things to be cheaper but not far enough that you couldn't walk to everything. We got a lovely room on the street where we could watch all the comings and goings. The bed was also the most comfortable I have slept on! Let me know if you want more info?

  4. oh, Paris. you better go there expecting to get the worst service ever. after that, you can enjoy everything else the city has to offer...

  5. One to remember! I could imagine staying here - it is just as you described....warm, inviting, chic with a little quirkiness - sounds and looks ideal!

  6. that looks gorgeous - the bar made out of trunks is too cool! (and it's not odd to ask for a spoon, it's odd to work in the customer service industry and treat someone badly when they ask for something).

  7. Being huge fans of Paris and having lived there for three years, we wholeheartedly support another trip! This hotel looks like the perfect place and our favorite little bistro in the 7th is Au Bon Acceuil. Really worth the trip across the Channel!
    C + C

  8. I have never been but it looks fantastic. You should totally book a trip!

  9. I think staying there would be a nice experience. And of course I would spend an afternoon on that sofa to observe the Parisians go by. :)

  10. it looks fabulous! i enjoyed renting an apartment almost as much as staying at a 5star hotel so don't rule that out either (booked through Haven in Paris).


  11. That looks like the perfect place to stay in Paris! One day I will do Paris right! :)

  12. is it weird to eat your yogurt with a spoon in paris?? if so i am sure to make several faux pas when i visit someday. this hotel looks like such a retreat.

  13. It's unfathomable to me that you could dislike Paris. I'm going again in March for the 3rd time (2nd time in less than a year) and the city is my favorite in the world. But then, I'm a total Francophile. If you go back, you should try renting an apartment instead! I'm staying in a stunning, sun-soaked apartment in Montmartre for significantly less than a hotel. And no one can judge you about eating with a spoon!


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