Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Some colour on the Southbank…

The Southbank is fantastic blogger fodder as there is always something new going on there (read my post about it last year here). When the crowds are at a minimum, it’s one of my favourite places to go, just to pass the time. We visited the Christmas market here just before the silly season, and well, honestly, it was a bit naff (think cheap plastic trinkets and the smell of sour mulled wine in the pouring rain whilst being jostled by a bunch of drunk tourists). But a little further up the walk,  we stumbled across the new Wahaca restaurant, built entirely from shipping containers! We were just passing by but let me tell you, the smells wafting out and the happy looks on the diner’s faces has me counting down the days until we can eat there.   

Wishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingWishful Thinking

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  1. Gorgeous vibrant colours and wonderful artwork. I'm a fan of restaurants that are a bit different and this one certainly falls into that category - definitely somehwere I would like to try.

  2. Since we are on day 6 of gray weather around these parts, I could definitely use a dose of colour.

  3. The mural looks stunning and cheerful and for some reason the artwork is an appetite stimulant, it makes me want to order food just staring at the images.

  4. I love the Southbank. Such great photos! You've made me pine for another trip to London! :)

  5. How neat! Shipping containers seem to be having a moment, don't they? Annie over at Insideology wrote a post about a little village of creatives that I think is near here, and all their workspaces are built out of shipping crates. You Londoners have all the coolest stuff.

  6. wow, look at that tree! i love all the artwork and color and the creative re-use of the containers.

  7. How very cool. One of our NZ cities, Christchurch, which has been affected by massive earth quakes last year, had whole sections of the city rebuilt out of containers - shops, cafes, offices, they look amazing all painted bright colours. So clever. x


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