For the love of Pottery Barn…

Thursday 18 July 2013

Whenever I see/hear about Pottery Barn, I always relive this episode of Friends in my head… LOVE IT

I am not sure if it is the heat or just general stress but I had a mid-week mini meltdown yesterday. I was bad tempered, sluggish and very unmotivated. I didn't post anything for that very reason. I just took the day to rant and vent and by the evening, I was back to my normal self again! Tantrum over. Normal service resumes.

In other news, I have been doing a fair bit of research on Australia's retail therapy scene and have discovered some alarming but also some seriously exciting stuff. Alarming: everything is expensive. As in really expensive (but I am told once you start earning $$ it evens out). Alarming: there is no Amazon. This is dire. Most alarming of all: there is NO H&M!!!!! (Although after some investigation, it seems there will be one in Sydney next year, when I will no doubt be deep into withdrawals). Exciting: they have Target! Exciting: the have Ikea! Most exciting of all: they have Pottery Barn and West Elm! And just like that, all is right in my world! I spent ages on Pottery Barn's website on Saturday, just ogling and sighing. I couldn't resist putting together a selection of my favourite outdoor items. 

P.S - Calling all Australians (or those in the know): I'd love to hear more about life in Australia from you. Where to shop, eat and hang out etc. Since this will be my first time in Australia (crazy I know), I am desperate for insider knowledge.

Pottery Barn copy

Cafe Lights; Outdoor Sectional; Outdoor Bench; Charcoal Bin; Drink Dispenser; Outdoor Pillows; Wicker Storage Cube; Outdoor Lanterns


  1. I love all of your choices....especially anything galvanized!

  2. Now you're really making me think... would I take Target for no Amazon? Hmmmm....

  3. no amazon?! that's a pretty big one. why don't they have amazon? is this a politically decision? it makes no sense! but i felt my anxiety drop as soon as you said they have target. no matter where i was in the world i know i could walk into a target and feel at home. and good thing they have ikea and west elm too! now i am having this urge to find out which stores are in which countries around the world.

    ps do they have target in france? it seems like the french wouldn't need target but i mean everyone loves target, non?

    1. I'm not sure why they don't have Amazon. I can't even remember life without Amazon!!! But thankfully a lovely Sydneysider commented yesterday to say that we can buy stuff from Amazon in the States. (Phew)! We don't have Target here in the UK either but we have TK Maxx which I think is more or less the same. And I am fairly certain they don't have Target in France but they have the best supermarket ever that sells EVERYTHING (Carrefour).

  4. "She HATES Pottery Barn?? You know what's not one of a kind? A twin." Oh, Friends. My favorite show on earth. I'm excited for you to experience West Elm and PB in person! I don't know how you'll cope without Amazon and H&M, but I think you'll manage! You're a tough cookie. xo

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  6. I am the opposite of you, having lived in Syd for 11 years about to pack up to move to London. We buy most things online here from American websites. And our Target doesn't get a lot of the designer collaborations. Anyhow, we should catch up maybe and swap survival tips when you arrive in Syd. Loads of local retailers for you to get to know. ;)

  7. i have also heard about how things are so expensive (i guess that's happens when you are literally in the middle of nowhere). but having a pottery barn?!?!?!?! totally worth it! we just got our first pottery barn furniture, a rolling wine rack, $100 off and an extra 10% coupon and it has rocked our world. so YAY for you.

  8. Glad you're feeling better! I bet your going to find stores that you couldn't ever imagined being better than Pottery Barn .... I've heard that Australia is one of the best places to shop ..... so I'm pretty sure they've gotta have good inexpensive classics there too.

  9. A visit to Pottery Barn could lift one's spirits. Just sniffing the scented candles and being surrounded by all the furniture and accessories makes me happy. There's an Australian furniture shop, with interesting pieces. The prices seem reasonable (they have a branch in Dubai) especially during sale season that could be added to your list. :)

  10. I remember that Pottery Barn Friends clip, in fact we were talking about it just the other day. I laughed out loud when I watched it just now :D

    Shopping in Australia is great. My girlfriend goes to Sydney regularly as her in-laws live there, so I'll ask her about the shops there. x


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