Battersea Park Revisited…

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

We are now heading into our 2nd week of a heatwave and I am basking! Admittedly I did have a little grumble when we had to move our bed downstairs (down a spiral staircase) in order to get any kind of sleep on Saturday, as our bedroom feels only mildly cooler than an oven during the heat, but I’d do it again just to have the weekend of glorious sunshine that we did. On Sunday afternoon I took a little walk up to our Sainsburys which sits just outside Wandsworth Common and I could hardly believe my eyes at the sheer amount of people sandwiched together on the grass enjoying the weather. It got me thinking about how much I will miss these little oasises of green and calm in the middle of the city. Although we discovered Battersea Park only recently, it remains one of my favourite London parks. Here’s why…

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  1. Oh wow what a little oasis in the midst of the city. When I saw the fourth image I couldn't believe it is in London. What a contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life, it looks like it could be somewhere out in the country.

  2. so pretty! I love this little bench with the pops of red, so charming! These pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing!

    stop by sometime <3

    Xo Courtney ||

  3. yes, i can see why! that park looks so tranquil. and i love the pink wrought iron fence. love. it. and that first photo when i just glanced at it i thought it would be from the amazon or some such place. it just looks so lush. enjoy your heatwave! and all your favorite spots. xo

  4. That first shot could have been in the middle of a jungle and I wouldn't have known any better. That's in London?? No wonder you'll miss it! It's so lush. xo

  5. How beautiful. I remember visiting some of the London parks, and marveling at the contrast to the bustling city around. I'm so pleased you're getting some sunshine. It's pretty chilly over here, but I'm quite enjoying snuggling in on the cold evenings. x

  6. Oh those are gorgeous pictures - I'm glad y'all are getting SOME warm weather finally


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