Another use for a loo…

Thursday 9 May 2013

A few months ago, I was half-heartedly watching an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, when a subterranean one-bedroom flat in Crystal Palace caught my eye. It has to be seen to be believed but architect Laura Jane Clark managed to create an incredible space from.. wait for it… an underground disused public toilet. (If you click on this link to her blog, please note the wall tiles in the kitchen, yes, these are the original tiles from the toilet). Public toilets are now largely closing down in the capital and clever residents are picking up prime real estate at bargain prices. There is no doubt that a project like this would take serious guts, determination, imagination and a sense of humour but I for one, am loving the resulting spaces.
I came across another unique toilet project that I just had to share - the Attendant Café on Foley Street in London. Built around 1890, the former Victorian toilet had been dormant for more than fifty years. Their website describes the project: After two-years planning and restoration the old Attendant’s office has been turned into a little kitchen and the original porcelain urinals have become an inspired line with green seating to match the original Victorian floor tiles”.
Guess where I am grabbing my coffee this weekend? What say you of toilet renovations? Could you live/eat in a converted toilet?


Some before pictures to give you the creeps:


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  1. That is a very clever use of a tiny, previously unloved space. It certainly is creepy in the before photos. I would love to see it with lots of people in there to add a bit of atmosphere. x

  2. It's a brilliant use of space, wonderfully designed, and in a way, preservation of history. I have to make a note of it, if we do get the opportunity to visit London, we have to see these converted public toilets. Hats off to the architect and owner, they have great imagination and guts to pull this off. Looking forward to hear about your coffee experience there when you visit.

  3. Oh my god, I'd have to be really desperate to use a below ground public toilet but REALLY REALLY desperate to have a coffee in there. I don't care how much bleach you used, it would freak me out to no end. How did they get rid of the smell??

  4. I love when people do this type of thing with the most unexpected places. I love it :)

  5. Hmmm... We're having a hard time with this one, Meghan! If we walked into the place not knowing they were urinals, perhaps... Given that we're renovating our master bath right now and are sharing one toilet with two teenage boys, we'd most likely forego the adventure! Please report back!!
    C + C

  6. That is quite an interesting way to repurpose the loo!

  7. Id probably just go and have a look around but I could never imagine having cofee there.


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