Just a few things….

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

  1. I’m back, but only just functioning (we drove over 1300 kilometres in 1 week… enough said). 
  2. I have exactly 749 photos to go through and edit.
  3. I’m having a seriously bad hair-day/week/month.
  4. I am now carrying about 2 kilos of extra weight courtesy of mini saucissons, croissants and vast quantities of wine.
  5. I have not forgotten to share the exciting news, I’m putting a post together as we speak/type.
  6. I have not forgotten about your blogs and can’t wait to catch up on all your news throughout the week.
  7. Thanks for bearing with me and my nonsense posts. I’m working on a few decent ones to make up for it.

Here’s what I got for you so far…

Wishful ThinkingOur little studio

Wishful ThinkingThe weather… it rained and rained and rained… every day

Wishful ThinkingHow the French roll

Wishful ThinkingThere were chateaus a-plenty

Wishful ThinkingWishful ThinkingThe views weren’t bad either

Wishful ThinkingWe sampled the local produce… obviously

Wishful ThinkingThe view on our morning run

Wishful ThinkingWe capitalised on the sunshine

Wishful ThinkingWe made friends with the locals (and guardians of the wine)

Wishful ThinkingI discovered my husband has an obsession with taking pictures of moss. It’s a little bit weird.

More to come!


  1. these few glimpses are so good - i love the first two photos and the one of the dog. can't wait to hear the news!

  2. What a cute little studio! Great photos so far and it looks like there will be plenty more - that's a huge editing job!

  3. Yay welcome back!! Sounds like a wonderful vacation despite the rain (anything with kilos of saucisson and French wine is perfect as far as I'm concerned!). Can't wait to see more. I am in love with that studio you rented, it's just perfect!

  4. Your husband has a touch with all plants, it seems! Sorry to hear your weather was so dreadful but we're sure the wine and food made up for it. Can't wait to hear your big news!
    C + C

  5. Welcome back, Meghan :) Looks like a fab holiday. Looking forward to read more about your food explorations, lovely finds and sight seeing in France.

  6. I recognize that yellow building in the midst of a lovely box hedge garden!!!! Were you in the Dorgone region????

  7. It all sounds like perfection to me! Cannot wait to hear more!

  8. Aww, what a beautiful looking trip

  9. More amazing holiday photos. You guys will be able to wallpaper a room in them, and it'll look fantastic! Such beautiful countryside, I remember it well. x


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