Casual Friday…

Friday 16 March 2012

Whoop whoop! It’s Friday, so let’s talk fashion! I don’t know what it is about Fridays but I tend to make just a little bit more effort with what I wear on this day. Depending on what I am doing after work or my general mood, it can either be quite dressy or much more comfortable and casual. Today, I have gone casual with my usual uniform of skinny jeans, long sleeved white t-shirt and belted waterfall cardigan (if I am honest, it’s my favourite Friday outfit). I put together some of my most coveted items at the moment, which I think would make a killer Casual Friday outfit!

Do you dress up/down on any particular days of the week? Have a wonderful weekend all!

Casual Friday copy

1. Blazer; 2. Sunglasses; 3. Watch; 4. Ring; 5. Belt 6. Vest;  7. Jeans; 8. Scarf; 9. Bag; 10. Shoes


  1. My work dress code is neither too corporate, nor too casual, it's somewhere in between, but I have to admit that on Mondays I really like to dress up, more than on any other day of the week.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Meghan! xo

  2. SO CUTE! That blazer is calling my name!

  3. Thank you very much my dear for your visit and for your comment!!Lovely blog!!

  4. Definitely a casual Friday in these parts and after 60 degree weather it's a tad chilly... So it's jeans and a sweater for me, too! Happy weekend, Meghan!

  5. Great the rugged brown boots! Have a great weekend Meghan!

  6. I recently passed on a chance to get a similar jacket in navy and white and I've been kicking myself ever since. And Fridays have always been special in the dressing dept for me too (and I'm sure I get that from my mom). Happy weekend to you!

  7. That tank top is super cute. So simple but I love the detail along the neckline. That duffle bag is fabulous.

  8. Working from home and being a Mum to three primary school aged girls, I'm usually quite casual. But I like my fashion, so jeans, boots, pretty tops, gorgeous scarves are all part of my 'uniform'. Love that ring. xxx


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