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Thursday 1 March 2012

Life has been hectic of late and I find there are days that I sit in front of this screen and want to write ‘bleh’. This does not make for a successful blogger but I thought I would make it up to you by showing you where I am sitting right now… in my head!


Click on image to go to its source.


  1. Can I join you? It looks like the perfect spot to relax over a good bottle of wine. I have blogging days when I'm super inspired, and others when I'm... 'bleh'! I love reading your posts, you have such a great humorous way of writing. But you're allowed days like this. xxx

  2. Move over - I am going to join you! Thanks for sharing this great spot to escape.

  3. Gorgeous and inspiring!
    I have nominated you for the awesome Versatile blogger award! :) Go check out my blog post...Thanks again for our support!

  4. Beautiful! This is such an inspiring picture! Awesome blog btw, I followed :)

    Please visit my blog! Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated -

  5. *sigh* i want to transport myself there immediately! Beautiful. Hope your week gets less's nearly the weekend :)

  6. That's the best picture and it would be amazing to be there! I'm with you on the blogger blehs...I've got it too.


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