Kapow! Christmas is here!

Thursday 1 December 2011

I’ve been waiting all month to do this! Let the countdown to Christmas begin! Earlier in the week, I posted a little something festive thinking I had practiced immense self-restraint by waiting until almost the end of November before spreading my Christmas hysteria. Well no more restraint! Every day until Christmas I will be posting a little something to keep the Christmas spirit going. Today’s inspiration is colour!

Kapow! copy

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  1. haha - love how excited you sound. christmas is here indeed.

  2. Love the vibrant colors! So many people like to decorate with the classic colors (red, green, gold, silver), and as much as I love classics, I also love the color. It's so much fun.

  3. Love these colours- especially the wreath as mine looks very similar.

  4. Love those decorations on the bottom left. very cute. Amy x

  5. Love this eye candy. The colors are amazing.


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