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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

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Our very first flat was in the top floor of a converted Victorian house with original features. One of these original features was the beautiful wooden flooring… which had been covered in black and white checkered lino in the kitchen and bathroom! *cringe* Every day I longed to rip it up and bring the floor underneath to life, but alas, I am a renter and I simply was not allowed to. If I am honest, like every renter, I learned to live with it - I even learnt to sort of like it (not the lino, but the pattern). There is something so old-fashioned and chic about the pattern that can make any room look sophisticated. My dream home would definitely feature a (marble) checkered floor. I had so much fun looking for inspiration that I just couldn’t stop! Are you ready for flooring overload?


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  1. am I seasick or is it the checkered floors playing tricks on my mind?!! hahaha

    That was quite a dose and I totally get it, you like checkered floors ;-)

  2. There's something about checkered floors in the kitchen that I love.

    By the way, the weirdest thing: I have no idea why you're blog doesn't show up in my reader? Grrr. Don't like this. You might see me unfollow and then follow you a few times to get this right. This has been happening to me with a few sites lately.

  3. Wow, what an inspiration! I like that second image of the cosy kitchen with checkered floors. I think this, kind of floor works best in such a place, it doesn't give me that feeling of cold (a reason why I'm not fond of marble). But that kitchen I love!

  4. I love checkered floors and that gray and white one in the kitchen is fabulous!

  5. There's a long list of people being unable to follow and unfollow blogs for over a month now. I've been following anonymously because of it.Google has been working on it, but it's still a problem. Once it's fixed I'll follow publicly!! :) Just wanted to let you know it's not your blog's problem.
    Love checkered floors! That barn party picture is amazing! Now THAT'S a party!

  6. There is just something so magnificent and old fashioned about checkered floors!

  7. I do love a good patterned floor - but I think I'd like hard wood better!

  8. What great images! I'd been considering doing a black and white floor when we renovate the laundry - this post now has me completely sold. Thank you!

  9. Hello there, You stopped by my place so I returned the favor! I'm a lover of checkered floors and did a post about them a while back. Don't know if I'll ever actually live with them, but I love them. Sounds like you've gone through a major life change fairly recently. Good for you!!


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