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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Bleugh. It’s been a truly shitty week for me. Jordan has the man flu, we are knee deep in boxes, we are having another open house on Thursday, work is manic (as usual), a fellow commuter elbowed me in the noggin this morning – I’ll stop there. I declared myself d.o.n.e. as I left work this evening and took a big time out. I donned my pjs the minute I walked through the door, ordered Thai, did my nails and ogled some dazzling architecture. I feel much better and ready to tackle the rest of the week. For those of you suffering the same fate as me, let me share the very thing that made it all good again. If you have ever been on Pinterest, it’s likely you would have come across stunning architectural images like these below. These steep sloping tiled roofs, grand entrances and sweeping porches are the work of Alabama based architects Mcalpine Tankersley. And you can bet every single one of these images went into my “Pie-in-the-Sky Future Dream House” folder.

idea's for the doors, sloping roof, lamps and pots.x

Wishful Thinking

McAlpine Tankersley. Love the railing.

entry canopy by mcalpine tankersley

pigeonnier by mcalpine tankersley

wood house by mcalpine tankersley

bay window by mcalpine tankersley

landscape architecture by kaiser trabue architecture by mcalpine tankersley

Beach porch by mcalpine tankersley.

beach house door by mcalpine tankersley

beach house door by mcalpine tankersley

I K I Shuttered veranda - McAlpine Tankersley

napa valley motor court by mcalpine tankersley


  1. Ugh, man flu, I used to HATE when that happened. I think starting the week over midway is a perfect idea. Let's give it another go, shall we? Hope the rest of the week is looking up for ya

  2. Ugh. There's something in the air, isn't there? I have a sinus infection, my husband worked all weekend, worked late yesterday, came home and kept working... only bonus was that my son cooked us dinner. Whew! Not sure we could have managed without it. I love all your eye-candy here. I'm feeling like I should send you a picture of my house. All those sharply pitched roofs? Just like my front door. :)

    1. Um helllo? Why do I not know about this sharply pitched roof of yours until now??? Send photos pretty please!

  3. so sorry to hear that you had a bad day. hopefully you're feeling better now. thank you for sharing this. just in time when i need a distraction from work

  4. I can now see how these images uplift an otherwise bad day. Imagine coming home to one of these after a long day at work. Wow. Love the french doors and windows, all of them actually. This type of architecture reminds me of an old colleague who renovated an old barn in Netherlands and turned it into a beautiful dream home with a pool.. Dreamy.


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