Love in the Blue Mountains

Monday, 29 September 2014

The final box has been unpacked. I am vowing to never ever move again. But as I sit here and listen to the sea after having watched a sunrise and a sunset all from the comfort of my home, it all seems worth it now. Hopefully this means blogging will now make it’s way to the top of my to do list. Hopefully. I’ve been meaning to post photos of our anniversary re-do in the Blue Mountains for ages now but haven’t gotten around to editing (our camera did weird things in the mountain light and we ended up with really overexposed photos) – Jordan came to the rescue with a few edited beauties (I have no idea where he finds the time to do this but I am grateful none-the-less). We had an amazing weekend in the mountains. Although nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare me for the level of cold I experienced. The townies that we are, drove up from a balmy 19 degrees in Sydney armed with only paltry long sleeves and realised we were in deep trouble when car after car passing us in the opposite direction had a foot of snow on their car roofs. I ended up having to buy full on mountain thermals the minute we got there. I’ll get around to editing some more shots but in the meantime, here is the just of it.

Wishful Thinking
















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  1. Great shots and nice to see the two of you in one!

  2. Nice pictures and totally understand the "never moving again" line! :-))

    1. Thank you for your visit and glad too, beautiful blog design and content of course..

  3. Oh my gosh. Lovelovelove. I LOVE these. I grew up in the mountains and I miss them so, so much. It's beyond flat where we live now, but we're just a few hours away. I need to make more of a point of getting there. I'd totally impressed with Jordan's editing skills and hard pressed to pick a fave... except the one of you guys of course!

    Thinking about the camera comment you left on my blog! I'll say more over there, but I'm glad you like the extra info. We should talk! I'm thinking adding a little Fuji would be a great thing for you guys. Since you both like to shoot, sharing must be hard! ;)

  4. These are really nice photographs. Love how it turned out after being overexposed :P

  5. His photos are lovely! Can I come visit? Or maybe just follow you around (in a non-creepy way)? It seems like you go to the most scenic of places :) I'm hoping everything in your new place works out and that it starts to feel like home very soon


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