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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

We were warned before we came over but nothing could prepare us for how bad the television is in Australia. Ok, let me rephrase that, it’s not the actual content that’s lacking, it’s the format. Before a show has even started, you have watched a minimum of 10 adverts (I know because I counted). You’ll watch an entire show, (filled with adverts) and then right at the crucial end part, the show will cut to another 5 adverts only to come back to show you the last 3 minutes of the show – it’s this point in particular that has given my normally placid husband a throbbing head vein. In addition to the advert brainwash, they have highlights of the news that. play. all. day. OF THE NEWS! Why is this necessary? Just in case you see something that makes you want to watch the news? I despair.

But I’m in a glass half full kind of mood today so I’ll acknowledge that I watch far less television now than ever before. I’m also more selective in what I watch and only have a few favourites I’ll devote my time to. One such favourite is Offspring. To that, I am hopelessly addicted. It helps that the main character’s apartment looks like this…

Take a look through this converted Melbourne warehouse, home to Offspring's beloved Nina and Patrick. <br /> <br />Who...

Art One of production designer Carrie Kennedy’s favourite items in Nina and Patrick’s home is the...

Entry The location perfectly reflects Nina's complex character.

Bedroom Rosetta Santucci artwork (above Nina’s bed) and Nancybird ‘Fish scale’ bedlinen feature in the...

Kitchen Natural light fills the industrial-style kitchen.

Art With its industrial feel, Nina and Patrick’s home holds a mix of pre-loved pieces. Owner Adriane...

Customised The Offspring team added an Ikea lampshade in Porter’s Paints ‘liquid Copper’ and...

Source | Home Life | Photography: Armelle Habib | Styling: Julia Green

Ladies out there, if you can get it where you live, I urge you to get into this series. It has me laughing and crying every Wednesday night. I wanted to add a clip of my favourite scene (which is a bit long but worth it if you have a few minutes) but I can only seem to post the link to YouTube. I think we can all relate… right? 

[Click here for my favourite scene of Offspring]


  1. Oh god, that apartment. That's what makes me miss apartment living. Love!

  2. Amazing!!!! The ads would be worth sitting through to watch this space!!!! Do you you own a PVR? Just a thought ..... so that you can race through those pesky ads.

  3. Be still my heart! I LOVE that apartment!

  4. Okay yeah, I want that apartment... and all the delicious drama that goes along with it, I'm sure :)


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