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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My trip to Sweden a few years ago never strays far from my thoughts. I think about the immaculate and clever interiors, the impeccably dressed individuals on the street with their blonde hair and hipster glasses (of which I now own a pair), I think of the delicious food and the stunning architecture (and sometimes I think about the fact that I spent about £20 on one beer *shudder*). My only regret is that I did not see more of Scandinavia. Particularly Copenhagen. By all accounts, it looks like my kind of city. Especially with restaurants like Höst.

 Aesthetically pleasing for all senses

World´s best design restaurant

Setting the table

Something rustic but still simplistic.

In the basement

Water Menucard

The wardrobe


Waiting for your table

Scallops with Porridge

Images | New Norm


  1. This is amazing! I hope to go to Sweden one day. I love all of the muted colours of these.

  2. wow. i am at a loss for words, this place looks so amazing. i really hope to visit sweden someday, though i have no idea as i have never been, i haven't ever associated it with really good food. however, i think the photos of this restaurant have single-handedly changed that.

  3. It's always a horribly tragic story when a restaurant is more chic than my own home :P

  4. The rustic feel of this restaurant would make me and anyone want to eat more. :) Oh Sweden and all the lovely furniture shops that I dream of visiting someday.


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