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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

It started with one pin, and then another, and then another – it was by the 3rd pin that I realised I needed to see the full picture of this particular abode. No doubt it will be viral soon but I had to get in there early! It’s got wooden panelled walls, industrial lighting, dark cabinetry, soft pale colours, period features, light flooring, a dash of marble, a touch of silver – by all accounts, A Meghan Shaped House. I’ll let the images do all the talking.

London VIctorian Foxgrove House Vintage Lights | Remodelista

Foxgrove House London Herb Planter in Kitchen Island | Remodelista

Foxgrove Subway Tile Cabinet Interiors | Remodelista

London Victorian, Kitchen with Whitewashed Floors and Reclaimed Wood Cabinets | Remodelista

London Victorian, Living Room | Remodelista

London Victorian, Living Room | Remodelista

London Victorian, Master Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood Panelling | Remodelista

Foxgrove Victorian House Reclaimed Wood Wall | Remodelista

London Victorian, Study with white walls and whitewashed floors | Remodelista

London Victorian, Clawfoot Tub, Light Gray Panelled Wall | Remodelista

London Victorian, Clawfoot Tub, White Tiled Shower | Remodelista

Images: Light Locations | Resource: Remodelista


  1. Wow. What a stunning home. All that white would be a disaster with 3 dogs and a preschooler but it's just so nice to look at.

  2. Love the white, clean and crisp look.


  3. Holy _ _ _ _ !!! This is magnificent!!!!!

  4. This is wonderful and I love the industrial touches here and there.

  5. I will take that bathroom and raise you an outdoor pool / barbecue area. Oh wait, real estate doesn't work like that?

  6. I want that kitchen and bath, but most of all, I want your eye. When I move, can we start skypeing? ;)

    1. I'll take a leaf from Ruth's book and say I'll loan you my eye for your talent with the lens? :) Oooh skypeing sounds fun!

  7. beautiful. I love, love, love the light!

  8. Ooh wow, I love that kitchen. All of these spaces are swoon worthy.


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