Monday Snoop – House of the Year

Monday 12 August 2013

I’m probably a little late to the party but Country Living has published their House of the Year! As you know, I tend to favour neutrals when it comes to interiors but I fell head over heels for this colourful coastal home. The home is question, located in Breezy Point, New York, was actually badly flood damaged – the effects of Hurricane Sandy last year.  Each room has been painted in varying shades of blue, off-set by stark white details. It’s hard to pick a favourite room but I can absolutely picture myself in that hammock in the living room: drink in hand with the sea breeze wafting through the windows.

Designer: Emily Henderson; Construction: Brooklyn-based Deary Construction

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Images via Country Living


  1. I love the rustic simplicity of the kitchen!

  2. It looks such a welcoming and relaxed home. I'm drawn to blue at the moment and we are definitely going to have pale blue walls somewhere in our house!!

  3. I'm yearning for a simpler home and this one fits the bill, for sure. I'm like you, I'm leaning more and more toward neutrals in my own home (although I do have more color than I want at the moment), and I think these blues can be neutral. It really is a breezy home, isn't it?

  4. How wonderful that something this beautiful came from something so devastating as Hurricane Sandy. Emily did a wonderful job capturing the coastal feel of the community! Shades of blue was definitely a great way to go.
    C + C

  5. It's so blue! I would have loved to have seen a pop of bright red or yellow somewhere to break it up. But I get that it's very beachy and that works. It's so wonderful to see something so beautiful come from something as devastating as Sandy. We were lucky and missed the brunt of the storm, but a lot of people I know had shore houses in New Jersey since we're so close, and that lost a lot when it hit. xo

  6. oh i love that emily! i have been meaning to look at this house, i knew she was working on a home that was devastated by sandy, but hadn't come across it yet. here it is! it looks lovely and i bet it really reflects the owners too. that shark is amazing.

  7. I love the soothing cool colors. The hammock is definitely a must-have in the dream home.

  8. Wow! I SO love the colors of the lounge. So soothing. Hard to imagine that the house was badly damaged.
    Have a lovely week Sweets xx


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