London Cans Festival Revisited

Tuesday 13 August 2013


After yesterday’s post, I am still on a bit of a colour kick! So I consulted my archives to find some seriously colourful London shots. Given the endless grey days and long winters, finding colour in London is no easy feat, unless you head to the famous graffiti tunnel near Waterloo station. I am not sure what it looks like now (I imagine it has all been needlessly tagged over) but we were fortunate enough to visit it a few days after the grand unveiling of the Cans Festival in 2008 – where famous graffiti artists all over the world were given free reign by the local authority to strut their stuff. 


All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. These are all amazing and real works of art. Yes, finding colour in London in Winter is not easy, but I guess it can be done if we keep our eyes open - or buy a pink winter coat ;-) xo

  2. There is some amazing work here! It'd be cool to use a graffiti artist in a kid's bedroom, maybe a boy's room. I must try and find a local one. x

  3. I love this! It certainly makes the walls more interesting. Is it done every year?

  4. Oh wow! This is amazing! Wish I'd seen it (or what remains of it!) when we were at Waterloo.

  5. This is so cool! Would be a shame if it was tagged over and over.

  6. i am sure that one with the pope is sacrilegious but it really made me giggle, he looks super happy. there is quite a bit of wall space dedicated to graffiti art in portland but i wish there were more. i love it so much. i hate "tagging" but i love graffiti art. great pictures m!


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