The reluctant gardeners…

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

If you followed my blog last year, you will probably know that I am the world’s most reluctant gardener. I have black thumbs, a poor manual labour work ethic and after I dug up a rather large pile of cat poo last year, I just about gave it up. But give it up I didn’t and my husband (yes, I can’t resist throwing that term around now) and I spent every waking moment (well when it wasn’t raining of course) pulling out weeds, replanting grass and trying to give ourselves a blank slate. It took a lot of hard work but this year, hopefully all we have to do is plant some colourful plants and add a lovely bench and it should look heaps better. So let the garden inspiration begin! First in the list is the extraordinary garden I found belonging to South African architect Minky Lidchi in Johannesburg. I fell in love with the beautiful proportions and definitions, not to mention the amazing architectural and sculptural details scattered all around. I can really imagine loosing myself in this garden for a few hours/days!

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  1. You can tell gardening is their passion (or they hire a great gardener!), it's fabulous. I'm a bit like you with my black thumbs. I love pretty gardens and gorgeous flowers, but I've never enjoyed gardening. Hubby looks after it pretty well - he got really excited when I spent a few hours weeding with him last summer, but he still hasn't converted me, yet! x

  2. your husband - too cute! i don't have anywhere to garden and often wonder if i would when i have the space. i do love tomatoes, so anything's possible.

  3. I'm no gardener at all but it's good that y'all have the patience. Maybe it's something that needs to be cultivated with age...

  4. Given that we're black thumbs, we have the utmost admiration for anyone willing and wanting to spend any time in the yard! This garden is amazing (though what's up with the wall art in the picture on the top right? Hmmm...)
    C + C

  5. Another black thumb here! I could only imagine how difficult it must be to keep a garden that beautiful and lush. I have 2 acres of land and find it so hard to keep up with it.

  6. Gorgeous garden images. So glad your husband has encouraged (congrats, again!) you to hang in there and keep gardening

  7. Like you, I have black thumb and gardening is just not my passion. I enjoy a beautiful garden though. Love the gorgeous inspirations.

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  8. Oh the grays in these photos are lovely. Is that an artichoke plant???

  9. Wooow! You can't get bored here! :)


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