Friday, 27 July 2012

Now here is something you won’t hear from me very often: London is hot people! And I mean scorching! FINALLY! (Cue: falling on the floor and weeping hysterically for joy)! It was so hot yesterday that I had to make an emergency dash to the shops at lunchtime to do an ice-cream run… for medicinal purposes of course. I am loving it! I have worn dresses, skirts and shorts all week but what I really want is a fresh, crisp summer outfit to swan around in this weekend and look uber stylish and chic! I’ve never really considered doing an all white-on-white outfit fearing it would look too stark but these pictures prove otherwise.

What do you think of same-colour outfits? Hope you all have wonderful weekends!


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  1. Glad to hear you're having summer weather for a change. My first trip to London was in 2009 during July and I remember it was so hot for 5 days, to our surprise and Londoners' too. White on white is perfect for summer, especially in the kind of summer we are used to and I've been sporting a lot of it lately. :)

  2. I love it ...... I think it's really popular right now as I keep seeing it. Actually I saw a linen, breezy looking top I want to get so that I can wear it with my new white jeans. Now I just have to find the right belt ..... it never ends.

  3. I'm for all white! Just not on me. The propensity for getting dirty and scuffed up is too great for me :(

  4. I love all the outfits you've selected. I think white on white (or black on black) always look really chic.
    So pleased the weather has turned over there. All my Brits friends have been so miserable with the summer so far. There's nowhere like the UK when the sun is out ;-)

  5. I Dig it! It's so classy and chic! As a mom it would not be my "go to" outfit but otherwise I love it :)

  6. Lucky you, it's cold and rainy here! I love that last photo, and the one of Cameron Diaz - gorgeous. It's such a chic look, and looks fab with tan and gold accessories. x

  7. I love wearing white ...these pictures are just that much more inspiration.


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