Let’s go!

Thursday 5 April 2012

We have been super lucky this year as our winter has been fairly mild and dry but that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down! I still find myself waking up in the night hoping that the orange glow in the room is from the blazing sun rather than the sinister glare of the London sodium streetlights. And now with Easter fast approaching (errm, where did the last 3 months go anyone?), I find myself missing the familiarity of home. Even though I have been here for 7 years, nothing beats that feeling of the airplane coming around the side of Table Mountain, or walking through the airport and hearing your own familiar accent, or even taking your first breath of home air! There is no other word for it, I am pining! I thought I would humour myself by looking for the perfect South African retreat, the very famous Spier Wine Estate will do nicely! Can you believe this beautiful estate has been established since 1692! 


Images 1-10 via Spier, 10-14 click on image to go to its source.


  1. How amazing! The architecture looks quite European, almost Spanish, I would be quite happy there.

    Every time I'm away from New Zealand I start pining for it, and I've never been away as long as you. It's great to be able to visit, and experience these beautiful places, but home will always call. xxx

  2. What a heavenly place! It's nowhere like home, is it? :)

  3. uh that place is amazing. wow. and as someone who has flown into SA, nothing does beat the sight of table mountain, haha. although I think we think that for different reasons (you know, since I'm not from there). such a beautiful country!

  4. Gorgeous! Loving the great outdoors if it all looked like this. I would love some hills in Florida - so flat!

  5. This is truly an escape for the mind and I am sure for the body! Love the serenity of the pictures and the pops of color in the buildings and nature and that amazing pool!

  6. I want to be lying by that pool sipping a big glass of wine, right about now.


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