Comfort (and style) for the weekend!

Friday 6 April 2012

Happy Easter all! (I never know whether you say that on Good Friday or Easter Sunday?) This is just a quick post as the ever-growing list of chores beckons, but here’s a little taster of some fashion for the weekend! I’ve always been a fan of the free-spirited and comfortable Boho style, in fact, it was probably one of the first fashion styles I tried out as a teenager (my mom was not a fan and many an argument ensued - since I was a typical skinny surly teenager, she believed I looked unkempt and waif-like), but the style still remains a firm favourite of mine, and luckily it is showing no signs of going away!

What do you think of the style? Are you a fan? What are your plans for the weekend?


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  1. Love the hippie stylish photos!

  2. As a teenager it was the only time when I embraced this style. Have fallen out of it since, but from time to time I can find room in my wardrobe for a bohemian style white blouse to go with a pair of jeans and a floppy hat. Happy Easter, Meghan! We're celebrating Orthodox Easter next Sunday. xo

  3. i like having touches of it in what i wear. and the photo of the girl in the hat, sitting on the wall with those heels on, is bad ass.

  4. there is something so romantic about it.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. It's finally warm enough to go on a hike, so (crossed fingers) that's what we'll be doing this weekend. Have a great one!

  6. That style always looks so comfortable - except the photo with those high spike heels!
    Happy Easter!
    xo Cathy

  7. I love the Boho style - very me, gorgeous photos. I think your Mum should be thankful you didn't choose punk, or gothic! Boho is so pretty, Nicole Ritchie does it well. xxx

    We are hoping this rain we're having, clears up for the Easter Bunny, who is due tomorrow :)

  8. I could see myself in a lot of these - if only the weather would settle a bit more and temperatures remain consistent!


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